Italian retail group uses green vehicles for home deliveries in Rome


Despar: advertising on electric buses in Rome and offering 'green' home deliveries

Italian retail group Gruppo Tuo is providing a home delivery service to customers at its Despar stores in Rome using environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Gruppo Tuo uses a fleet of electrical and bi-fuel vehicles as part of its total fleet. The bi-fuel trucks run on a combination of methane and petrol, providing maximum environmental protection by cutting down on CO2 emissions and reducing air pollution.

Now the group is using 10 of the vehicles for home deliveries from nine Despar stores across Rome.

The Despar stores are located in the centre of the historic city of Rome, and in areas where only a limited number of vehicles are allowed to drive.

Gruppo Tuo is also advertising the Despar brand on trams and electrical buses used for public transport in Rome in a nine-month deal.

Gianluca di Venanzo, general manager of Despar Servizi, said: “Until June 2011, the Despar brand will be the only advertiser on the seven Gullivers [electric buses] and two jumbo trams traveling through Rome – all in support of a cleaner environment.”