IWSC Distributor of the Year signs up Jamaica’s oldest distiller, Worthy Park


Hot on the heels of its recent deal with Equiano rum, Spirit Cartel, the IWSC Distributor of the Year, has taken on Jamaica’s oldest and only Single Estate rum producer, Worthy Park.

Uniquely on the island, Worthy Park has its own sugar cane fields, factory and distillery all on the same 9,000 acre location, giving it absolute control over quality.

Spirit Cartel’s deal with the near 350 year old firm covers all its rums, including the four-strong ‘Rum-Bar’ range (Silver, Gold, White Overproof and Rum Cream liqueur) plus new premium sipping rum, Single Estate Reserve. Three of the range are 2020 IWSC Gold Medal winners, with Overproof rated by the judges as one of the Top Nine rums in the world. Fellow winner Single Estate Reserve is a blend of rums aged between 6-10 years, while the third, Rum-Bar Gold, features aged rums of at least four years and is a classic rich Jamaican rum best enjoyed neat or with a mixer.

The deal commences as UK rum market continues its boom. Sales reached over £1bn (WTSA) in 2019 and further growth was predicted. That’s been borne out with recent stats from IRI revealing that, during the first three weeks of Lockdown, rum experienced the highest sales uplift in any alcoholic drinks category – a huge 92.4%. In addition, Sainsbury’s recently (August 2020) reported year-on-year rum sales rising by 39%, compared to all spirits (which rose by 21%). 

David Hood, general manager of Spirit Cartel, said: “Working with Jamaica’s oldest rum distiller isn’t just a huge coup for us. It also means that, with Equiano, we have no less than four 2020 IWSC gold medal winners in the category. Reshaping our rum line-up is just a part of a complete overhaul of our portfolio. Even during Lockdown, we’ve managed to add Copperhead gin, Equiano and now Worthy Park to it – and the journey continues.” 

Spirit Cartel now operates across the whole UK and is also expanding its team from six to eleven.

Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve, 45% ABV/RRP: £46.95/70cl. Rum-Bar Gold, 40%/£25.99/70cl. Rum-Bar Silver, 40%/£23.49/70cl. Rum-Bar White Overproof, 63.2%/£32.99/70cl. Rum-Bar Rum Cream, 15%/£19.99/70cl. Wholesalers: Venus, Speciality, Chalié Richards. Info@spiritcartel.com.