Jack Link’s has unveiled its new marketing campaign, Beef Mode


Jack Link’s, the UK’s biggest Beef Jerky brand has overhauled its advertising in its latest move to conquer Europe.  

Dubbed ‘Beef Mode’, the creative concept aims to attract a broader audience, targeting young urbans who are discerning snackers and food lovers, looking for a tasty and empowering snack.  

Laura Trivulzio, marketing director at Jack Link’s EMEA, says that ‘Beef Mode’ is “a state of mind where everything is possible”. 

She continues to explain that Beef Mode attitude encompasses a new culture, designed to connect with those who have a “willingness to blaze their own trail and lead by being different”.  

“Jack Link’s meat snacks are full of protein and low in calories – the ticket to unlocking this attitude”, Laura adds.  

Launching in the UK and other European markets this month, the campaign will run throughout 2021 educating consumers on Jack Link’s high-quality beef and protein credentials. 

Building on the brand’s overarching ‘helping you power through’ ethos, the £3 Million 3year marketing investment consists of several elements, including OOH ads, POS, events, online video and social media ads. 

The Beef Mode campaign is in addition to the brand’s recent announcement of its seven-figure investment in the E-sports platform, signing several partnerships in a multi-year deal that will cement the brand’s presence in Europe:  

Jack Link’s EMEA teams up with leading UK-based E-sports franchise Fnatic, looking to connect with fans and players, establishing the jerky brand as the primary protein snack for gamers, enabling them to power through their grind without compromising on taste or nutrition.  

Jack Link’s EMEA will also be the official protein snack partner of the European Masters competition, a top-ranking tournament of leading E-gaming title ‘League of Legends’.   

As the official protein snack partner of the European Masters, Jack Link’s will present the ‘Baron Power Play’ segment during broadcasts, which will further aim to establish the connection between those crucial ‘game-winning’ moments and ‘Beef Mode’.  

This grand E-sports entry enables the brand to expand its reach and take centre stage and connect with fans across borders.  

The multiple touchpoints from the plethora of partnerships add up to both tangible business results on the retail end and a strong marketing message to a set of consumers who fit with the brand’s sweet spot.  

Trivulzio concludes that: “Following a year of exponential growth in the UK, the next natural step is to take Jack Link’s to the masses, building awareness of both the category and the brand, as well as driving product trials.” 

“We’re confident our ‘Beef Mode’ ethos with resonate with British consumers, helping them to unlock their full potential – but most importantly, providing them with quality, protein-rich fuel to help power through their lives.”