Jamaican beverage brand Saapos relaunches as The Original Caribbean Punch

The Original Caribbean Punch: retail launch

The Original Caribbean Punch: retail launch

Jamaican beverage brand Saapos has repackaged its range of ambient non-alcoholic drinks and is launching it to the retail market under the name of The Original Caribbean Punch.

Originally created by Jamaican-born Collin Carr for his North London restaurant and named after his nickname, Saapo, the newly launched range of three exotic variants includes Original Fruit Punch, Beetroot Punch and milk-based Pineapple Punch, with other zingy new flavours brewing up.

The Saapos drinks come in fully recyclable 330ml plastic bottles and are made with natural ingredients and with no artificial colouring, flavours or preservatives.

Carr runs the drinks business with his wife, Eva, who stresses the uniqueness of the Saapos products: “Coming to England from Jamaica, Collin missed the colours and flavours of home, so started experimenting with old family punch recipes, adding his own twist. We started as a kitchen table business using a domestic blender, and we still do that for the restaurant and other local outlets, but to expand our business nationally into the retail sector, we have to manufacture at a professional level.

“Unlike other Caribbean soft drinks on the market, our ingredients are as natural as they can be, with no artificial additives. Our flavour combinations are also unique and, at heart, we just want to bottle the vibrant tastes of the Caribbean for everyone to enjoy and to bring something different to the soft drinks market.  Although our customer base so far has primarily been the Caribbean community, we believe our dinks could have a much broader appeal.”

The original fruit punch drinks are claimed to be delicious and refreshing on their own, straight from the bottle, on ice or with a spritz of sparkling water. At party time, they also make a great base for cocktails, with, say, a dash of rum in the Pineapple Punch or a shot of vodka with the Beetroot, Saapos says.