James Hall & Co rolls out PDAs to improve delivery for retailers


James Hall & Co, the Spar wholesaler for the north of England, has launched Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to improve communications on their deliveries, in response to retailers’ requests.

The PDAs will not only help retailers, but will also give drivers more information on things like where to park at each store.

With its 70 vehicles and 3,800 deliveries per week, James Hall & Co Ltd and its retailers can now more easily monitor each journey.

The PDA will allow drivers to see a delivery risk assessment before arriving at stores, and with a link to GPS, retailers will receive a message to their store or smartphone 15 minutes before arrival.

The arrival time will also be updated every minute via GPS, making it far more convenient and accurate for retailers than calling customer services.

Mark Clayden, James Hall & Co’s transport manager, said: “Our retailers clearly asked us for better communication on drivers’ arrival times, and for drivers to be better informed of their stores’ requirements.

“We want to provide the best possible delivery experience for our retailers, so we have listened to their requests and responded with this innovative PDA.

“The PDA will also allow us to improve the management of transit media collections, and to monitor what our drivers are picking up.

“We’re very confident that this rollout will significantly improve the logistics of delivering goods both for our drivers and our retailers,” he said.