James Hall CSR ordering system offers more reasons to join Spar, says wholesaler


James Hall & Co, the Spar wholesaler for the north of England, is highlighting yet another fantastic reason to join the leading symbol group – its Centralised Store Replenishment (CSR) tool.

CSR is an innovative and advanced ordering system that closely examines store sales and stock levels, before pulling data together and creating an order that works for the retailer.

The system, which comes with no extra cost, has a host of benefits, including minimising stock holding, predicting sales, and saving retailers valuable time.

With 166 Spar stores already on the CSR system, results from these retailers have clearly shown that the better availability created by CSR leads to increased sales.

John Walmsley, James Hall & Co, retail systems advisor, said: “Our CSR tool saves retailers much-needed time which they can reinvest into their business.

“CSR is not an automatic ordering system, though, so there still needs to be strict in store processes in place in order for it to work.

“When it’s managed correctly, this highly accurate ordering system increases availability, improves security and makes sure retailers have the right products in store – all at no extra cost, as it’s built into the scanning system. We’ve confirmation showing where CSR stores outperform non-CSR stores by 1-1.5%

“CSR is a great reason for retailers in our area to join Spar and James Hall,” he said.

Spar Oswaldtwistle retailer Nigel Masters said: “We moved to CSR in October 2012. We find using CSR a whole lot easier and it is definitely working for us. Our store has really benefited from it – our out of stocks have massively reduced and we’ve seen a huge increase in product availability which is our customers number one need.”