Jamie Oliver effect creates spike in demand for no-added sugar foods at online marketplace Farmdrop


Farmdrop, an online marketplace that lets people buy food direct from local farmers and producers, has experienced its busiest period of trading since launch following the broadcast of Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush – with people placing orders for no-added sugar foodstuffs including local bread, tomato sauces and cereals.

The London-based start-up, founded with a mission to fix the food supply chain by removing unnecessary middlemen to give consumers better quality, preservative-free food and local producers a fairer financial deal, reported a 150% increase in new customers compared to the previous week. Its founder, Ben Pugh, attributes the increase to people searching for healthier food following the hype around Oliver’s latest campaign to cut sugar from UK diets.

Pugh said: “The current UK food supply chain relies on added sugar, chemicals and preservatives to flavour and maintain longer shelf life food. And whilst brand name packaged and bottled foodstuff may be cheap – as highlighted by Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush – it does come at a price of the nation’s health. The solution is using technology to return to the ways of the past and buy direct from local producers who do not need to add sugar – they can simply offer fresh, quality food straight from the farm. The growing popularity of Farmdrop suggests that a revolution is underway, and we’re confident that the revolution will be delicious for everyone.”