Japanese online fashion retailer, Zozo Inc, launches AR skin tone measuring glasses for ordering cosmetics online


Japanese online fashion retailer Zozo Inc has launched skin tone measuring glasses for ordering cosmetics online. “Zozoglass”, a pair of spectacles covered with colour swatches and markers, detects skin tone when scanned with a smartphone for tailored cosmetics recommendations on Zozotown, Japan’s biggest online fashion site.

Eloise Shuttleworth, senior director, customer success at cross-channel platform Iterable, said: “Before the pandemic, in-store shopping accounted for up to 85% of in-store purchases. It’s an industry driven by sensation, and traditionally powered by in-person consultations and product testing. Without sensory experience, and with limited social outings, demand for cosmetics has dropped 70%.

“Zozo’s ingenious new augmented reality product shows a different future is possible for the cosmetic industry. A drop in demand doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Cosmetic companies can make a comeback by using technology and digital channels to rethink  the customer experience and wow their consumers.

“The surge of interest in fashion tech represents a desire from brands to keep the shopping experience fun, exciting, and crucially, as close as possible to the in-store world customers remember. This will set up brands well for life after the pandemic, offering the same bespoke, personalised service to customers – whether in-store or online.”