Japanese premium lager, Asahi, launches super slow motion video booth

Leading Japanese premium lager Asahi is inviting customers to take part in a super-slow motion video booth experience, where a single sip of beer lasts for up to half a minute.

The ‘Asahi Slow-Mo Booth’, enables up to four people to capture their best moments in cinematic slow motion video and immediately share them on social media. Asahi has also launched a super-slow motion video to celebrate the unveiling of the booth, which can be viewed here.

Constructed from over 1,500 intricate metal rings and featuring an ultra slow motion camera, the three-metre high booth is in the shape of an Asahi pint glass and sits on a giant beer mat.

The booth, which took over 300 hours to create, has a range of physical special effects to make each video unique. These include:

  • 100 ping-pong balls launched two metres into the air from a secret trap door, mirroring the bubbles found inside beer. This effect is designed to make guests feel like they are literally inside a pint of Asahi.

  • A jet of malt-infused condensation for full sensory overload, mimicking the experience of opening a bottle of beer.

Before entering the booth, Asahi brand ambassadors provide each guest with an RFID token, in the shape of an Asahi bottle cap, which is inserted into the booth’s coin slot.

Video from the booth is then sent to guests so they can post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter using the #AsahiSlowMo hashtag.

The booth will begin a UK tour shortly, visiting some of the nation’s top venues and events. To find out where the booth will be, simply follow Asahi UK on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).

Asahi UK brand manager Samantha Catford, said:  “We wanted to create an experience that’s fun, exciting, shareable but also one that conveys the crisp and refreshing qualities of Asahi Super Dry.  The result is a world-first: a branded super slow-mo booth which takes the photo booth concept to the next level while linking to the brand’s unique qualities and reputation for innovation.”

The booth brings together the trend for slow motion video, as seen by Youtubers like The Slow Mo Guys, and the Japanese craze for purikura booths. Purikura, short for purinto kurabu (print club), are photo booths that let users take photos, decorate them with colourful graphics, then print out stickers.