JD Williams reveals women’s priorities, ambitions, and insecurities in new research

Online retailer JD Williams unveils its latest ‘Womankind’ state of the nation report 2022, in association with Censuswide looking into ‘grown women’s’ lives. The report highlights how women aged 45 and over, are feeling post-pandemic and reveals their ambitions for the coming year.

JD Williams wanted to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a grown woman today and understand how the challenges of the past year have affected opinions about career, family, finance, and self-image. The overriding message is that women do want to put a positive foot forward and take control of their future, although do still have some insecurities.

When asked how they are feeling, 39% of women aged 45+ said they feel more confident than ever. Almost half of women this age feel they are now in their prime. This confidence increases with age as 43% of women aged over 65 say they feel ‘more confident than ever’. Proving that age really is just a number.

However, despite these positive attitudes about self, the research revealed that grown women are still battling body confidence issues post pandemic. 37% of women say this has declined for them post lockdown, versus just 10% who claim their body confidence has improved since the pandemic. In our survey population, women in Edinburgh were the most body confident (45%).

This self-doubt amongst women is further underlined as almost 70% of women stated that they care what others think about them, but this reduces with age. A large proportion of women (74%) think that women’s bodies are scrutinised in the media too much, with over half (55%) feeling that women are shamed by the media.

Looking to the future, the research revealed that there is still much to celebrate about reaching grown women status. When asked about what matters to them right now, family and health was their number one priority followed by almost 60% revealing that financial security was more important to them than love and looks. There is plenty of positivity post-lockdown as over 40% say this past year has given them more enthusiasm for life and 35% say they feel clearer about what they want from life, with around a third focussing on good mental and physical health. Pressed on their key aspirations, 54% of respondents want better physical and mental health while 42% want to improve their fitness in the next 12 months.

Amanda Holden, who joins Davina McCall in a JD Williams brand ambassador role, adds: “The JD Williams Womankind report really underlines just how important it is for brands to empower, celebrate and support women post pandemic as they as they emerge with varying degrees of confidence. This new research shows that grown women do have insecurities and areas of self-doubt. The call to action is to celebrate women’s bodies more and work on that body confidence whatever their age! It’s great to see that women are embracing the aging process and growing in confidence as they age, I know I have!”

The report also delves into the emerging discussion of menopause. Eighty four per cent of women think there should be an open conversation around it but more than half felt that menopause was still a taboo subject. Just over a third speak to their friends about it, however 17% say that they don’t know the right person to speak to about menopause.

JD Williams brand ambassador Davina McCall, comments: “Some really interesting insights coming from the Womankind report, obviously the subject of menopause is one that’s close to my heart and its fantastic that the report is packed with plenty of real insight from women on the subject. It’s no surprise that the overwhelming majority of women want a more open conversation around the subject, something I have been trying to normalise for some time. The menopause is something that every woman will experience and should not be considered ‘taboo’.”

JD Williams emerged from the pandemic to relaunch as an online retailer that would serve as an ‘emporium of discovery’ celebrating womankind with marketing and ad campaigns fronted by Davina McCall and Amanda Holden, two strong and confident women both in their prime.