JDA Software Group targets retail trend for omni-channel commerce with new tool

JDA Software Group is launching a new tool, which it claims will help retailers address the trend for omni-channel commerce and optimise their product offer in real time.

The JDA Customer Engagement Cloud will help retailers deliver goods to customers, but also aligns real-time supply processes and inventory to profitably source those goods, the company claims.

“The retail industry is at a critical juncture in its history. Consumers today — empowered with mobile technology — have instant access to information that shapes what they buy, when and where they buy it, and at what price,” said Hamish Brewer, president and CEO, JDA Software.

“These connected consumers determine which retail enterprises succeed and which fail. With JDA Customer Engagement Cloud we have developed a comprehensive approach to address this challenge now, helping retailers to avoid becoming a victim in this rapidly changing retail environment.”

The Solution: JDA Customer Engagement Cloud

JDA said its Customer Engagement Cloud is designed to help retailers profitably achieve customer-centricity in every interaction through the following key capabilities:

Omni-channel commerce

JDA Customer Engagement Cloud enables visibility to information like inventory levels, product information, customer history – including access to a customer’s universal online shopping cart – and customer preferences to associates who interact with the omni-channel customer. Providing this type of customer information in real-time enables in-store associates to better convert in-store visits into sales, the company said.

In-store mobility

More and more, commerce is happening not just in the checkout lines, but in the aisles of today’s retail stores. Empowering associates with full access to data and point-of-sale (POS) capabilities in the aisle is critical to creating the ultimate in-store customer experience, said JDA. Store staff can maximise their ability to help customers by using the JDA Customer Engagement Cloud associate app on a mobile device. In addition to accessing information and standard POS capabilities, the associate app supports guided price negotiation and alternate delivery options.

Profitable promising

Every retailer has unique customer and supply chain strategies, said JDA. These strategies can be configured into its Customer Engagement Cloud to ensure customer satisfaction and effective utilisation of the supply chain, the company claims. The capabilities within JDA Customer Engagement Cloud help shape inventory utilisation with days-of-supply calculations and profitability algorithms that improve customer satisfaction, JDA said. It also offers visibility into what inventory is available in the store today and what will be available tomorrow, fulfilling customer needs for immediacy while improving profitability and consumer engagement opportunities.

Allocated inventory optimisation

Delivering profitable promises requires both an understanding of real-time demand shifts and customer profitability, and the capability to respond strategically and dynamically to changes, said JDA. Driven initially from the intended forecast for different channels and promotions, allocation optimisation evaluates when inventory and demand shifts warrant changes in execution. This capability, designed to automate the alignment of inventory to customer demand in real time, is enabled by JDA’s patented allocated available-to-promise technology.

Customer order management

Support for expanded customer touch points demands a flexible order workflow, JDA said. According to the company, its Customer Engagement Cloud helps retailers avoid costly system replacements in favour of a configurable order lifecycle management tool, designed specifically for the omni-channel environment.

Omni-channel price execution

Omni-channel retailing requires the ability to develop consistent omni-channel pricing strategies that support growing promotional complexity and diverse delivery mechanisms, said JDa. The  Customer Engagement Cloud offers pricing capabilities that consider customer profitability, supporting multi-dimensional pricing rules, including business-to-business and loyalty environments.

Delivered by JDA Cloud Services

JDA Customer Engagement Cloud is delivered by JDA Cloud Services, which offer continuous value and investment protection for some of the world’s largest global supply chains, JDA claims. This means retailers can focus on their customers, rather than technology, to drive profitability throughout the retail supply chain. JDA Cloud Services offers retailers:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Faster time to value
  • Improved cost structure
  • Timely software upgrades
  • Risk mitigation
  • Solution confidence and technical peace of mind

Check out a demo of JDA Customer Engagement Cloud at NRF

JDA is showcasimg JDA Customer Engagement Cloud at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 102nd Annual Convention and Expo in New York City, 13-16 January 2013. Attendees can visit JDA at booth No.1319 to learn more about the new solution and see a live demonstration. Additional information can also be found in the JDA Customer Engagement Cloud solution brochure available athttp://www.jda.com/solutions/customer-engagement/