JDA Software launches new merchandising solution for assortment planning


JDA Software Group has launched a merchandising solution which it claims combines consumer purchase preferences, in-depth analytics, assortment lifecycle planning, and sizing and pre-pack optimisation into one, easy-to-use workflow.

JDA Assortment 8.0 enables retailers to profitably analyse, plan, execute and distribute localised assortments in an exception-based, automated methodology across all channels and verticals – with continuous visibility into inter-dependent key performance indicators, the company claims.

JDA Assortment 8.0 is the result of converging the JDA Buying and Assortment Management and JDA Assortment Planning applications. By bringing together the bottom-up and top-down approaches to planning, retailers are better enabled to successfully plan assortments that align with the needs of their customers and their company’s strategic objectives, the company claims.

“Accurate and localised assortments are key to enabling positive customer experiences,” said Wayne Usie, senior vice president, retail, JDA Software. 

“With JDA Assortment, retailers can align consumer-connected assortments with merchandising strategy and financial objectives while maximising store space, user productivity and supply chain capabilities.”

In addition to the convergence of customised assortments and optimised inventory capabilities, JDa Software said JDA Assortment includes the following key features:

  • Assortment Strategy: align strategic or tactical assortment goals with the organization’s financial plans
  • Plan Versioning: Ssave multiple assortment plan versions (original, current, and working), simplifying workflow while still maintaining original plan objectives
  • Improved Assortment Tailoring: create dynamic store groups (based on user-defined criteria), include or exclude store groups, specify different sales and inventory parameters and modify selling duration by store micro segments
  • Multi-Channel: enjoy extended support for demand-driven assortments to multiple channels and channel-specific assortment planning with potentially different assortment parameters
  • Assortment Configurator: streamline configurations and implementations to adapt to the needs of a specific retailer while also lowering the time and cost associated with the solution implementation
  • Filtering on Sales and Receipt Plan: conduct attribute-based filtering to give planners greater control over their assortments by applying a unique strategy for similar product types
  • Product Assortment Lifecycle Management: view the comprehensive product lifecycle with the ability to review individual aspects. JDA Assortment also provides a graphical view to not only visualise assortment, but also a time-line view of how assortments flow over time, highlighting key transitional phases
  • Historical Analysis: analyze historical data and derive key insights around preferred attributes by user defined metrics
  • Usability: take advantage of multiple usability features leveraging core spreadsheet features like graphing, charting, filtering, and sorting for greater control over editing and analysing assortments and applying specific strategies to improve assortment effectiveness