Jelly Belly adds Golden Snitch to Harry Potter-inspired confections collection


Jelly Belly Candy Company, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, announced today an expansion of its line of Harry Potter-inspired confections, adding the sought-after Golden Snitch to the line-up.  Quidditch fans can enjoy the wonderfully crafted solid milk chocolate Golden Snitch starting this autumn, just in time for Christmas gifting. 

The Harry Potter Golden Snitch is a 47g milk chocolate replica that embodies the physical characteristics of the Golden Snitch that is seen in Quidditch, a fictional sport played at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series.  Each box, which is accented with gold foil, also includes a Quidditch game rule sheet that explains the significance of the Snitch.

Jelly Belly’s fan-favourite Harry Potter-inspired line offers something for every special occasion, from chocolates to gummies, in a wide variety of inventive shapes and sizes. The new chocolate Golden Snitch will appear on shelves this autumn, but until then, fans of the Wizarding World can enjoy other confections in this line-up such as chocolate wands and house crests, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, Jelly Slugs and Gummi Creatures like Fang,  Fluffy, and more.