Jessops drives photobook sales with digital campaign


Jessops is driving sales of its photobook service with an online campaign targeting people wanting to capture memories of significant life events.

The camera retailer has appointed digital marketing agency R.O.EYE to reach new customers and promote its high quality photobook products.

Jessops will target specific groups including wedding-related communities, parents, pet owners and those travelling. R.O.EYE, which specialises in performance marketing, will run a campaign encouraging people to preserve, print and share their special moments.

“The biggest selling products at Jessops are mid to high end cameras targeted at the photography enthusiast, while one of the fastest-growing parts of the business is the sale of printed products,” said Paul McCallum, Head of Customer Acquisition at Jessops. “We hired R.O.EYE as our performance marketing agency because of the company’s track record when it comes to reaching customers online and making a real difference to retail sales.”

R.O.EYE is helping Jessops engage with content publishers to generate awareness where people are talking about photography, as well as reaching certain types of individuals likely to be interested in creating photobooks.

Jessops will be able to effectively measure the value of every part of the customer journey through to final sale, due to new attribution technology created by R.O.EYE.

“Many retail sales are recorded on the last click – the rest of the journey is not usually well tracked,” said Mark Kuhillow, founder of R.O.EYE. “This campaign is very much data driven and we can invest more in targeting specialist publishers due to the reporting tool – people may not buy straight away, but we know who’s driving the first click as they become aware of the product, and how many interactions along the conversion path they’ve had.”

Existing customers of the brand will also be encouraged to sign up to The photobook service is accessible via the homepage.