Jiffy commits to a Tesco.com price match on 150 products and discounts a further 460 lines

Jiffy, the online supermarket with super-fast delivery, today announces a significant and ongoing initiative to cut prices. In the biggest commitment to date within the rapid grocery delivery category, Jiffy will price match Tesco.com on over 150 products and discount a further 460 lines in response to the cost of living crisis. 

The Tesco.com price match promise, alongside extensive discounting, means that up to 25% of Jiffy’s total range will be offering customers better value for money and savings. This is in stark comparison to the latest supermarket price promises such as Morrisons with price cuts only impacting around 6% of its total sales volume.

With discount codes and deals also regularly available, Jiffy is fast becoming the supermarket of choice for price savvy consumers who are looking to manage their budget on an extensive range of quality and household goods – delivered in minutes.

Jiffy’s buying director Justin James says: “We are seeing the highest rise in inflation since 1992 and as a result the cost of living is having a devastating impact on households across the country. We are responding by offering savings across a quarter of our range and have chosen to price match Tesco.com because we want to allay any misconceptions that fast delivery should come at a cost to consumers.”

Jiffy has seen a sharp increase in ‘planned buying’ as customers begin to use the app to stock up for the week ahead, broadening its appeal beyond ‘impulse’ purchases. It is therefore fast becoming a contender for the weekly shop, challenging not only local convenience shops and other rapid grocery delivery companies, but also the nation’s most popular supermarkets.

Examples of Jiffy’s supermarket prices were highlighted in their most recent outdoor campaign, which showcased their low-cost everyday products at spots across London, from Bethnal Green to Park Royal.  

Price matched items will be branded and sit across all categories, for example Heinz Tomato Ketchup will only cost £1.75, while 1L of Semi Skimmed Milk will be £0.84 and Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc will cost £10. These selected products, and 147 others, will be price matched against Tesco.com every week, comparison excludes Clubcard offers and promotions.