Jimmy’s Iced Coffee launches 1-litre cartons in 300 Sainsbury’s stores


Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, the family-owned range of ready-to-drink iced coffees, is proud to announce the launch of their brand-new 1-litre carton of classic original-flavoured iced coffee. The product landed in over 300 Sainsbury’s stores from 12 September 1 2016.

The 1-litre carton is the latest development for the team at Jimmy’s, coming hot on the heels of their second promotional rap video, ‘Who Got the Beans?’ – a prime example of co-owner Jimmy Cregan’s personal approach to creating content to spread the word of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.

It was publicity from Jimmy’s first rap video, ‘Keep Your Chin Up’, that sealed the deal with Sainsbury’s, and the supermarket has stocked the deliciously smooth and refreshing iced coffee blend in the Mocha 330ml carton ever since.

Five years ago, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was undergoing taste tests in the back of Jimmy’s sister’s café in Bournemouth. Today, the business is set to exceed sales of 4.5m units this year with one carton sold every seven seconds. The continued relationship with Sainsbury’s is yet another exciting progression for Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.