John Lewis Christmas ad attracts 61,000 mentions on Twitter and YouTube, Brandwatch reports


Brandwatch has anlysed the ‘noise’ around the new John Lewis Christmas advertisement since its launch today, It found:

61,000 mentions of John Lewis ad from launch (07.39am) to 13:00pm

Mentions of #BusterTheBoxer 48,234

John Lewis Twitter handle had 28,467 RTs

Mentions per minute peaked at 8:31 at 390 mentions per minute


Gender split









How did it make people feel?















Did people love it or hate it?



Will McInnes, CMO of Brandwatch, said: “The John Lewis ad shows once again that quality trumps everything in a fusion of what’s modern and traditional. It’s classic big brand storytelling, meets distribution in the social age. Essentially people won’t share boring content and John Lewis knows it. In a world where our attention is pulled in so many different directions, it’s a reminder that a good story still matters. The tradition of the John Lewis ad has transcended normal Christmas advertising to become an eagerly anticipated, genuinely loved part of the TV and social calendar. As marketers, we know that a great ad is all about eliciting emotions. Where once you could gauge viewing figures for a Christmas ad, you couldn’t count the extent of the emotional reaction. Social intelligence shows just how evocative these ads are. By analysing the emotional responses of consumers, we can see what it is that makes these adverts so powerful and shareable. Not eyeballs, hearts and minds. In 2014, Monty the Penguin made 14k people cry, this year they’ve made 82% of people who are discussing it on social media in the first two hours, happy.”