John Lewis puts Partners first in fresh approach to annual reporting

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John Lewis: partners first approach

The John Lewis Partnership, which is an employee owned business, today launches a fresh approach to annual reporting that puts Partner (employee) interests at the forefront of its content.

For the first time, the Annual Report and Accounts (ARA) has been published alongside the Sustainability Review, to help better communicate to Partners, bondholders and stakeholders the wider context of how the organisation operates and to inspire ownership and democracy in the business.

Both reports follow the theme, ‘In the hands of our Partners’, and include real life examples of how Partners across the business are involved in the democratic structure, as well as insights into the online growth of the business and bestselling products. The reports boast a more contemporary, visual design, with brighter colours and the use of infographics makes the content easier to digest and navigate through.

In addition to having a new look and feel, this year’s Sustainability Report includes new sections dedicated to the Partnership’s long‐term responsibilities and commitments towards the environment. This includes everything from the work being done to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings and supply chain, to the successful increase in Partner volunteer hours and efforts to put more sustainable products on the market.

Helen Weir, finance director, said: “In this year’s Annual Report and Accounts, we’ve sought to show how we’ve performed and how the Partnership works. In 2013/14, the Partnership traded well, delivering good growth in sales and profit before exceptionals. This year’s Annual Report and Accounts is more vibrant, engaging and informative, with new content and a contemporary design.

There’s also a new section which focuses on the work of the Partnership Council during the year. Most importantly, it is packed with real examples of how Partners from different areas and levels are involved in our democratic structure.”

Benet Northcote, head of CSR, said: “The Partnership has committed to integrate our reporting to provide a more holistic view of our business. This will demonstrate the relationship between our strategy, governance and financial performance and the social, environmental and economic context in which we operate. Publishing the Sustainability Review alongside the Annual Report and Accounts, with more shared content than ever before, is the first stage in that journey.”