John Lewis simplifies customer search to improve online experience


John Lewis: simplifying search

John Lewis: simplifying search

John Lewis has simplified customer search on its website to improve customers’ online experience.

The new solution has been supplied by Transversal and is said to help customers using to find relevant information quickly and easily by keying in search terms in everyday language. 

The system, which is already used by Marks & Spencer and Mothercare, is designed to offer customers a new, convenient method for answering their questions, said Transversal.

Answers to the common questions consumers ask are stored in a ‘knowledge base’, which is continually updated with relevant information on products, services and deals, it said.

The implementation of the solution comes at a time when online shopping is booming, with Google announcing in Q3 retail searches rose at the fastest rate at 35% compared to Q2, said Transversal. This is only likely to rise with the Christmas period, as British consumers search for their favourite products, it said.

Sean O’Connor, website manager, John Lewis, said: “The way consumers shop is changing rapidly. John Lewis needs to ensure it is at the forefront of this change, and it gives customers the best shopping experience it can through all channels. People want the ease that the internet can provide, and when they shop online they expect convenience – the Transversal solution will help us achieve that. By allowing people to search for relevant information easily and quickly it helps ensure the website is as usable as possible.”

Davin Yap, CEO Transversal, said: “Web self service means customers can get to the information they want far quicker than using traditional key word search or by phoning the contact centre. This means that customers can answer the everyday, common questions themselves rather than being directed towards the contact centre. Transversal has delivered results for many other retail chains, including Mothercare and Marks & Spencer, and we expect to see the same or better at John Lewis.”