John Lewis trials two virtual fashion mirrors at Oxford Street flagship

Virtual fashion mirrors meld online and off-line retail worlds to help shoppers select fashion at John Lewis

Virtual fashion mirrors meld online and off-line retail worlds to help shoppers select fashion at John Lewis

John Lewis is trialling two virtual fashion mirrors at its flagship London department store on Oxford Street, providing customers with a new way to try on clothes using the latest technology.

The 6ft by 3ft mirrors, developed by technology specialist Cisco, in-conjunction with C-Instore, Aitech and The Team, each have built-in cameras, which capture a shopper’s body dimensions and position. They are designed to help shoppers determine which styles and colours work best for them in an efficient, yet experiential way.

The mirrors superimpose clothing over the customer’s on-screen image and an interactive screen presents a curated collection from of over 500 womenswear garments and accessories for shoppers to create a complete virtual outfit.

The virtual changing room allows customers to see how they look in a new outfit without getting undressed and helps save time by providing access to hundreds of fashion items in one location.

The virtual fashion mirrors also allow shoppers to create a virtual collection, which they can opt to have emailed to them, including images of their selected items and the QR codes, linking to Shoppers can then share their new look with friends and family via social networking sites such as Facebook and receive feedback before purchase.

Andrea O’Donnell, commercial director, John Lewis, said: “We strive to have a market leading approach to innovative new technology and providing our customers with the very best shopping experience. We think our virtual fashion mirrors will be a lot of fun for our customers and we hope they will enjoy experimenting with them, as much as we have.”

Lisa Fretwell, senior director, Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), said: “StyleMe – based on Cisco retail network and collaboration technologies – brings online content into a store and creates an engaging and personal experience that shoppers enjoy. It’s about capturing shoppers’ ‘feet and fingertips’ right in the store with digital content that makes it easy for them to buy in whatever channel suits them.”

Jason Trigg, CEO C-Instore (a division of The Cardinal Group), said: “We are delighted this pilot has now gone live with John Lewis, one of the UK high street’s most well-known and respected brands. C-Instore are leading developers of innovative technologies retailers can use to engage customers in-store, enhance the shopping experience and gain competitive advantage.

Dave Dunlop, creative director, The Team, said: “Taking an early technical prototype we worked with Cisco to establish some key user experience principles by observing how people engage with the StyleMe mirror. We crafted and positioned each element of the interface to make every interaction as effortless as possible without losing the spirit of the John Lewis shopping experience.”

C-Instore said it will also be showcasing the virtual fashion mirror at this year’s London Fashion Weekend.

According to the company, it is a first for Fashion Week. Visitors to the show will be able to purchase the designers’ clothing and more importantly ‘try on’ virtual designs of couture collections they would normally not have the opportunity to try.