Juice brand relaunches with a multivitamin boost

The Benefit Brand has relaunched its range of popular juices, with updated flavours, branding and extra multivitamin enrichment.

Tapping into the demand for products that offer additional nutritional goodness, The Benefit Brand has relaunched its Benefit Juices, creating a range of products that not only taste better than ever, but also provide 50% reference daily intake of 12 key vitamins.

There are three products in the Benefit Juice range: Cleanse Prune Juice, Vitality Beetroot & Apple Juice and Enrich Carrot, Orange & Turmeric Juice; providing a selection of delicious and functional juices that can be enjoyed daily.

“A lot has changed since we launched The Benefit Brand four years ago,” says Gavin Cox, founder. “People are now looking for products that are more functional, or do more than just quench the thirst. They want food and drink brands to provide a helping hand. Our new Benefit Juices not only taste great, but also meet that nutritional demand with key vitamins that can form part of your daily routine.”

Continues Cox: “Alongside vitamin enrichment, the juices also provide other intrinsic benefits. Prune juice is excellent for digestive transit, beetroot juice is good for blood pressure, whilst our carrot juice takes traditional orange juice to a whole new level.”

The pandemic has seen sales of ambient juice surge as people fill their store cupboards with more longer life products and have realised that the quality is just as good as fresh. “Ambient juice is currently outgrowing fresh, fuelled by bulk buying. We’ve made ours a bit more interesting and a lot more functional and hope to drive even more sales to our products through our brand refresh,” adds Cox.

All three products in the Benefit Juice range are available in Waitrose, RRP £2.80 a litre. Benefit Prune Juice is available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco. There’s also a not from concentrate Prune Juice, RRP £3.25. The Beetroot and Prune Juice have both won Great Taste Awards.

For more information on Benefit Juice visit https://thebenefitbrand.com/