juice vows to help UK retailers with sustainable own label packaging


Pioneering mobile phone accessories manufacturer, juice, has vowed to support UK retailers and brands make more sustainable choices, following its own ongoing efforts towards helping create a waste-free world.

Earlier this year, juice became the first mobile phone accessories manufacturer in the country to completely remove single-use plastic packaging – with absolutely no compromise on quality and no increased costs for customers. Now, juice is going all out to encourage retailers to use its sustainable packaging within their own label ranges.

CEO of juice, Jolyon Bennett, explained: “As exciting as it is to become the first mobile brand globally to remove all single-use plastic from its packaging, it has also been a two- year labour of love, trial and error. We have undertaken rigorous testing processes first- hand and feel that we are now in a position to offer our knowledge and expertise to others and share what we have learned. As one of the UK’s market leaders, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to help others to reduce waste across our industry and beyond.

“We want to help retailers that currently make their own label ranges to remove single-use plastic from these too – we will even help our competitors remove their plastic and paper based packaging as this is not about market share, this is about being kinder to planet Earth. Together we can change anything – and this is going to be driven by business. Let’s do this 2020.”

Tesco is the first brand to have opted into this new incentive scheme and is now showcasing its newly packaged range of products in 100% recyclable packaging in stores across the UK.

juice began its mission to remove single-use plastic from its packaging two years ago when it struggled to find trusted manufacturers that could produce fully recycled plastic. Now, the brand utilises materials that come from household recycling and waste, ensuring its packaging is 100% recyclable as a result.

Steven Pacitti, president of the International Packaging Press Organisation (IPPO) (2017- 2021) and editor at Plastics in Packaging added: “Can I just say ‘thank you’ to Juice and Jolyon Bennett? To find a brand that is committed to the intrinsic values and benefits that plastic brings and is prepared to go the extra yard to make it completely recycled at his own cost, is a rare breed. I applaud that, because so many brands make knee-jerk reactions and opt for less environmentally friendly materials under the pressure of environmental groups and the media.”