JUICEBURST sales to double following £8m of investment

JUICEBURST, leading UK juice drink brand, aims to double sales over the next three years through continued product innovation. The young “disruptor brand” of Purity Soft Drinks, the 120-year old British soft drinks company, JUICEBURST has already invested £4m in a state-of-the-art production line over the last three years. First launched in 2001 to appeal to the younger health-conscious consumer, it was one of the first to bring unique juice flavours, such as blood orange and orange & carrot, from the continent to the UK market. In 2016, JUICEBURST is benefiting from a spend of £4m on sales and marketing, helping propel the business forward.

Adapting quickly as a small business and building on current annual sales of £30m, JUICEBURST is currently the fastest growing national brand in the juice and juice drink category in UK retail according to IRI. Overall, JUICEBURST has grown in excess of 20% year-on-year in each of the last two years, and has increased staff at its production site in Wednesbury, West Midlands, by over 20%. JUICEBURST’s audited sales are +13% in retail in the last 52 weeks, with the category down -6% and all other major brands in decline. JUICEBURST is proven to grow the UK juice and juice drink category, growing a retailer’s overall category sales of juice and juice drinks by at least +20%.

According to CEO David Bell, JUICEBURST’s unique combination of great taste, great value and healthy refreshment means the brand is very relevant to today’s consumer and has consequently out-performed its high profile competitors. Every bottle of JUICEBURST delivers one of your 5-a-day portions of fruit and veg and the full range will be no added sugar by 2018 and will be exempt from the impending Sugar levy.

Constantly innovating, JUICEBURST has continuously taken sugar out in stages to help consumers get used to a new, less sugary taste profile over time. 70% of the JUICEBURST range is already no added sugar and, across the rest of the range, the brand has cut out 40% of the added sugar in the last three years.

JUICEBURST has recently expanded into the education sector, launching a 330ml Schools Approved juice drink in only 12 weeks following the introduction of new government regulations; sweetened naturally using stevia rather than sugar. It is now stocked in one in three secondary schools across England and this number is increasing by 20 schools per week. In these schools, one in three secondary school children opt for JUICEBURST every week. Looking to international territories, JUICEBURST is also set to launch in schools across Hong Kong and the Middle East within the next few months.

The JUICEBURST range is currently stocked in over 25,000 outlets in the UK and is a top 20 soft drink brand where stocked. David Bell, CEO, Purity Soft Drinks says: “The juice drink category is ever-changing and at JUICEBURST we’re passionate about being true to the core ingredient – fruit. We insist on cramming at least one full portion of fruit into every JUICEBURST bottle we produce, which is typically four times more than other soft drink products. We plan to keep leading the way in creating a better for you, better tasting and better value juice drink. With consumers becoming more and more conscious about the products they’re eating and drinking, it’s important we strive to create the best product we can. Continually innovating is key to us driving this category forward and ensuring great taste while reducing our sugar content.”