JUICEBURST drives juice and juice drink category growth by +22%


Purity Soft Drinks, the British soft drinks company established in 1892, claims to be leading the way in natural, great tasting and better for you juice drinks.

The company has recently undertaken a makeover across its popular JUICEBURST brand, with a new look bottle and more prominent logo, incorporating the brands promise of a full portion of fruit in every bottle. It has also revised what’s inside the bottle, cutting added sugar by 20% across the range – which equates to a 40% added sugar reduction in three years, following the changes made in 2013. At the same time, taste scores are improving as research from independent consumer panel tests show.

Innovation is said to be at the heart of JUICEBURST, which has seen a strong growth of +20% in each of the last 2 years. In May 2014, JUICEBURST launched JUICEBURST SKINNY – a range of lower calorie juice drinks that have less than 99 calories per 400ml bottle – and in September last year, the government changes to food and drink in schools proved a great opportunity for Purity. In just 12 weeks from the initial idea, the company had developed and launched a 330ml JUICEBURST range that was fully schools approved in England, containing a full portion of fruit in every bottle and sweetened naturally using stevia rather than added sugar. One-year post launch, JUICEBURST is now stocked in one in three secondary schools across England, selling around 250 bottles per week. The Schools Approved range has been such a success that it is set to launch in schools across Hong Kong and the Middle East.

Led by CEO, David Bell, Purity Soft Drinks has gone through a period of expansion since Bell’s joining in March 2014. Recently, the company acquired premium adult soft drink brand FIREFLY and plans are set to build the on trade side of the business with this sophisticated non-alcoholic drink. It is, however, JUICEBURST that is the real hidden gem. Latest figures show the brand is proven to grow the juice and juice drink category – with retailers who stock JUICEBURST, seeing an average category growth of +22% vs those that do not.

Bell said: “We are not afraid to take risks and take on challenges, a great example being the Schools Approved range. We had just 12 weeks from idea to launch to get the product out there in the market.  The industry needs change and we are helping to drive this. We have re-launched with what we believe is a better for you soft drink, whilst still delivering great taste to our key consumer.

A key point of difference is our use of technology, JUICEBURST is the world’s first digitally interactive soft drink brand – all packaging is interactive, meaning consumers can find out more about the product and play games using the Blippar App. This really appeals to our target audience who are the generation of technology.

Bell believes that juice drinks should be about the core ingredient – fruit – and that’s exactly how JUICEBRUST is marketed, a real juice drink that contains at least a whole portion of fruit in every bottle. His plans are to keep leading the way in creating a better for you, better tasting and better value juice drink. “Our aim is to cut the added sugar by a further 10% come 2017 and we have just began to produce a multi-pack of our Schools Approved JUICEBURST range for the lunchbox market. Around half of all school meals are taken as a packed lunch, so this represents a good opportunity for us and the retailers.”

Having its own production facilities and a dedicated sales and marketing team allows the brand to continue its growth. “We have invested £3m over the past three years in our factory,” said Bell “and we plan to continue to invest and expand, with up to a further £3m over the next three years. The expansion has also lead to more jobs, we created 6 alone at our factory this year and have increased our team from five 17 in sales and marketing.”