Just Eat’s hiring spree won’t just stop at the UK, as GlobalData’s Jobs Database reveals scope to hire 2000+ roles in France

Following the news that Just Eat is set to create 1,500 jobs at its Sunderland site; Ajay Thalluri, business fundamentals analyst at GlobalData, offers his view based on the findings of GlobalData’s Jobs Analytics platform: “Just Eat is leaving outsourcing behind when it comes to customer service, and it won’t stop with the UK. The Jobs Analytics database by GlobalData reveals that the company has scope to hire over 2,000 roles in France. This is evidenced by a July 2021 listing for ‘Driver Recruitment Team Lead H/F’ based out of France, as well as multiple listings for driver coordinators open for recruitment in the country. Further, Just Eat is also hiring multiple ‘Inside Sales’ roles in Spain, France, and the UK.

Ramsey Baghdadi, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, adds: “From a consumer perspective, delivery aggregators have seen a surge in demand in France. GlobalData’s research shows that almost half of French consumers (45%) are ordering takeaways/deliveries as a result of the pandemic. This demand provides a positive outlook for the aggregator’s performance short-term, as JustEat creates more partnerships between food chains driven by customer concerns to dine in restaurants and minimize risk of COVID-19. However, it is vital for food aggregators like JustEat to focus on the affordability of its channel, as price remains to be a core driver in consumer decision making.”

Thalluri continues: “More generally, Just Eat is building new expansion teams to help scale its delivery model into new countries and cities across the globe. One pertinent role is the ‘Expansion Operations Specialist’, listed in August 2021. The company has set ambitious targets and continuing its expansion could keep its hiring momentum high.

“GlobalData’s Jobs Analytics database shows that Just Eat has been ramping up hires globally in the last year, with active jobs increasing from 78 in August 2020 to 252 jobs in August 2021.”