Kaiser’s Tengelmann invests in networks software to cut supply chain costs

Kaiser’s Tengelmann: improving supply chain

Kaiser’s Tengelmann: improving supply chain

German supermarket chain, Kaiser’s Tengelmann, has invested in new business networks software to reduce supply chain costs.

The technology, provided by Axway, enables Kaiser’s Tengelmann to exchange data securely, automate and monitor business processes and connect with supplier partners. It is reported to have delivered a return on investment in one and a half years. 

The Axway solution has allowed Kaiser’s Tengelmann to set up a store to head office infrastructure and a new business exchange platform, which enables the company to continuously monitor and optimise stock at each of its branches. 

The new structure, which spans connections with over 2,500 suppliers, is reported to have resulted in cost savings and faster processes.

The solution means EDI or other business-to-business data can be communicated over the internet. 

It also lets Kaiser’s Tengelmann connect new store branches and means the supermarket is able to monitor its data in real time. Product records are updated with data from the branches in less than five minutes, for example.

“We were eager to adopt a worldwide communication standard to transmit our EDI documents and minimise the technical consequences of a mass implementation. Axway helped us set-up large communities quickly and easily, which resulted in even more cost savings,” said Mark Michaelis, division manager ERP and IT quality assurance, Kaiser’s Tengelmann GmbH. 

“Using EDI and implementing our business process management strategy enabled us to eliminate manual tasks and expensive paper processes. When we analysed the savings we had achieved across the entire supply chain, we calculated that Axway’s solution had paid itself back in just one and a half years.”