Kallo launches new corn snacks and sampling campaign in Tesco stores

New Corn Cakes

New Corn Cakes

Kallo is launching a corn-based snack product called Corn Cakes to tap the growing interest in South American and Mexican eating and sampling the product in Tesco stores. 

Described as a tasty, healthy alternative to bread, Corn Cakes contain 25 calories per cake. They are being sampled in 100 Tesco stores alongside Organic Belgian Milk and Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thins.

This move coincides with the brand’s biggest TV advertising campaign, which went live earlier this month; and 25% year-on-year growth for its healthy snacks.

According to the company, Kallo Corn Cakes look set to be the next big trend in corn snacking, following the significant growth in popcorn and consumer’s growing love of South American and Mexican eating. 

They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and contain no gluten containing ingredients.

Naomi Cosgrove, Kallo brand controller, said: “Our plans with Tesco build on what has already been an incredible time for Kallo. This year we have had our first TV campaign for three years, introduced seven new products and enjoyed a staggering 25% year-on-year growth for our healthy snacks products.

“We know we have something really special with our Kallo Corn Cakes and are leading the Corn Cake revolution. Our customers are often challenged to find a healthy and tasty alternative to bread, and with our new Corn Cakes we know we’ve got the formula just right. Unflavoured, yet tasty enough to eat on their own, they are the perfect base for any topping, sweet or savoury, and look set to take on the mantle of the next big thing in corn snacking.

“Everyone loves our Kallo Organic Belgian Milk and Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thins and as they are the star of the new TV campaign, we wanted to share these with as many people too.”

Kallo’s Corn Cakes are available from Tesco, Waitrose and health stores and RRP of £1.19.

The Organic Belgian Milk and Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thins are available in most leading retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrisons with an RRP of £1.49.

New stock pots

New stock pots

Kallo is also launching Kallo Stock Pots and Kallo Organic Gravy Granules. 

The Kallo Stock Pots come in three varieties – beef, chicken and vegetable. They are available from October 2012 in Tesco and Co-operative supermarkets with an RRP of £2.75 for an eight pot pack (224g).

The new Kallo Organic Gravy Granules, the only organic gravy granule option on the market, come in two varieties: chicken and beef. They are available now in Tesco nationwide at an RRP of £0.89 per 35g sachet.

To celebrate the launch of the new products, Kallo is offering consumers the chance to win a classic Le Creuset casserole dish full of Kallo goodies via its new website – www.saykallo.com. The ‘How to cook a casserole’ competition aims to get people sharing their own winter warming recipes. Simply upload your favourite casserole recipe to be in with a chance.