Kantar Worldpanel expands measurement of out-of-home food and drink consumption


Kantar Worldpanel, the global expert in consumers’ behaviour, has extended its specialist panels measuring the purchase and consumption of food and beverages outside the home to France, Brazil, Mexico and Thailand.

The four new panels take Kantar Worldpanel’s total read of the global out-of-home markets to ten countries including the UK, Spain, China, Indonesia, Portugal and the United States (beverages consumption only).

Across the ten countries measured by Kantar Worldpanel out of home sales reached $70bn in the first nine months of 2016. British shoppers purchase out of home food and beverages most often, followed by consumers in Thailand, Spain, Mexico and China.

Worldwide, over 70,000 individuals record every snack, beverage and meal bought to consume out of home, whether that’s on the go, at the place of purchase, in the workplace or elsewhere. Data gathered includes demographic information on the final consumer, where the purchase is made and the price paid, building into the existing Kantar Worldpanel offer to create an integrated view of the in-home and out-of-home food and drink markets.

Maria Josep Martínez-Abarca, global director of out of home and usage food panels at Kantar Worldpanel, comments: “Our smartphone collection technology lets us track the exact moment of consumption and, as a result, develop a detailed picture of consumers’ behaviours and attitudes. The out-of-home market is a complex and dynamic one: in some countries, for example, over a quarter of the total spend on drinks and snacks in supermarkets is on out-of-home consumption.  These new panels will help our clients understand the complex and sometimes hidden consumer behaviours at play, help brands and retailers to quantify their performance and, more importantly, spot opportunities to grow”.

Josep Montserrat, chief executive of Kantar Worldpanel, said: “Our aim is to provide our clients with a complete understanding of consumers’ interaction with their brands, wherever they’re buying. This means expanding our panel expertise to new countries and covering new types of consumption such as out-of-home. With this in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour we are perfectly positioned to support our clients’ decision-making and help drive their growth.”

Kantar Worldpanel is planning further expansions of its out-of-home service in the future to offer brands and retailers an enhanced global view of the out-of-home market.