Kellogg’s expands Coco Pops brand with brownie-style Choco Bakes

Kellogg’s is taking a big swing at expanding the Coco Pops brand with delicious new brownie-style bakes.


Coco Pops Choco Bakes, arriving on-shelf in June, represent the cereal giant’s attempt to use the Coco Pops brand – the number one brand in kid’s cereal – to dominate both before-school breakfast and after-school snacking.

The latter is a great growth opportunity for Kellogg’s. Sales of Coco Pops cereal bars are up eight per cent year-on-year, but around six out of 10 of those bars are consumed at breakfast.

Meanwhile, after-school snacking is the fastest growing snacking occasion among kids – up four per cent – and it’s an even more popular time for treats than morning break at school.

Choco Bakes – tasty wheat bakes with chocolate chips – cater to children and parents wanting to grab a treat after school. Certainly more so than cereal bars, whose consumption is still connected to breakfast.

Despite their indulgent taste and appearance, the Bakes are a good source of fibre, a source of calcium, and contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

They also adhere to Ofcom’s strict nutrition guidelines for healthy foods, meaning they meet the high standards required to advertise to children. As such, Kellogg’s is backing the launch of Choco Bakes with a £1.5m marketing spend, including TV advertising and a print advertising campaign targeting mums.

The bars are launching in both 39p PMP and non-PMP in line with the rest of Kellogg’s range. Singles weigh 38g, and contain just 142 calories. Bars in the 5-bar multipack weigh 30g.

Nick Dawson, Kellogg’s sales director for the specialty channel, said: “These bars are ideal for stores that have a busy before-school or after-school trade.

“We think Choco Bakes are a real winner: our testing showed that 73 per cent of mums would either definitely or probably buy them, and most thought they’d probably want to eat it in the afternoon. We expect the Bakes to be highly incremental to the Coco Pops brand.

“Importantly, we also expect the Bakes to be incremental to the category. The Coco Monkey character appeals to a wider age range of children in comparison to other kids’ products currently on the market.”

Choco Bakes multipacks continue the fun with games printed on the back of the pack, and there are seven different collectible designs on the inner wraps.

While after-school snacking is the focus for the convenience sector, the bars also taste brilliant when dipped into a glass of milk.