KellyDeli campaign saves 30 tonnes of food waste

KellyDeli, the owner of sushi counter franchise Sushi Daily, has saved 30 tonnes of food waste and more than 76 tonnes of CO2 during the last year with its product Forgotten Ends.

The entry level product, ‘Forgotten Ends’, made of the end pieces of sushi rolls which normally get discarded, costs just £1.75.

Since the fundraising product launched a year ago, £30,000 has been raised for Action Against Hunger, a charity which is committed to creating a world where no child dies of hunger.

A donation of 20p for every pot sold goes to KellyDeli’s chosen nutrition project in Gujarat, India.

Forgotten Ends is available at Sushi Daily counters across the UK, including at selected Waitrose and Asda stores.

Kelly Deli’s UK managing director Ian Roberts said: “One year on Forgotten Ends has made a difference, both in terms of reducing food waste and carbon, but the donations have helped some of the world’s most vulnerable children during the pandemic too.

“When our sushi artisans roll sushi, some ingredients are pressed out of the end and then trimmed away for a neat presentation. We transformed these perfectly good ingredients into a delicious snack which our customers love both for its taste and purpose.

“We know how highly our customers value KellyDeli’s mission to do good in the world and we’re always looking for ways we can tackle food waste and help others.”

The success of Forgotten Ends builds on KellyDeli’s partnership with Action Against Hunger which works in nearly 50 countries supporting people in crisis and delivering life-saving treatment to children suffering from malnutrition.

Jean-Michel Grand, executive director of Action Against Hunger UK, said: “We are delighted with KellyDeli’s continued support and with the results Forgotten Ends has delivered, both in terms of fundraising and reducing food waste.

“The success of Forgotten Ends means we will be able to treat more children facing life-threatening hunger, but it also raises awareness about food waste and the relationships we have with food.

“Global hunger levels are on the rise and one of the biggest drivers of this is climate change. Anything we can do, no matter how small, to encourage people to think about how they can reduce their impact on the planet, is time well spent.”

Fighting global hunger and malnutrition, together with limiting global warming is at the heart of KellyDeli’s ethos and forms a crucial part of its sustainability plan.

Sushi Daily became the first sushi brand to unveil 100 per cent recyclable and recycled packaging last year.