Kendamil unveils new Goat’s Milk Formula and announces exclusive partnership with Waitrose

Kendamil, the pioneering and uniquely British brand that is leading the way in the baby formula industry, is thrilled to unveil yet another world-first for the category. Introducing Kendamil Goat, the only British made goat formula on the market and the first of its kind to contain Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) – the third largest solid component in human breastmilk.

This announcement also marks the start of an exclusive partnership with Waitrose, as Kendamil Goat will be available exclusively from the much loved retailer this November. Kendamil Goat will roll out in Waitrose stores across the country as well as being available on Waitrose Online. This exclusivity agreement will be in place until the end of Q1 2021. 

It’s no surprise this product has been snapped up as an exclusive – Unlike all market alternatives, Kendamil Goat contains full cream nutrients including full cream goat milk and goat whey. Lovingly made in the Lake District, with our 58 year British heritage and like all products from Kendamil, there’s zero palm oil or fish oil included. The formulation uses plant based DHA and contains no GMOs. 

Increasing awareness of its benefits has seen a definite trend in parents making Goat formula their first choice. Not only is goat’s milk easier for babies to digest, it is less allergenic and supports the development of the immune system. 

Goat milk formula is easier to digest for babies because it contains more short/medium fatty acids, rather than long chain fatty acids of cows’ milk. Kendamil Goat will also uniquely include A2 milk, which is more easily digested and absorbed by infants, compared to a recipe exclusively made with A1 milk (milk comes in A1 and A2 variants). 

Goat’s milk also contains selenium and nucleotides, which support the development of the immune system and has also been shown to contain prebiotics found in breastmilk (study here). Goat milk formula truly is a great alternative and it is often a solution for parents whose children are allergic to cows’ milk, because it does not contain alpha-S1 casein, an allergen found in cows’ milk.

Speaking about the latest launch, CEO Ross McMahon said: “Finally we have achieved another world first, a British made Goat formula using fresh liquid, full cream goat milk from local British farms. Our social media followers have been waiting patiently in their thousands for this launch and we are excited to unveil what we believe is the most Superpremium Goat formula in the world, with this amazing creamy taste. We’ve spent over a year perfecting our formulation with the latest ingredients including HMO’s and plant based DHA, to ensure that we offered UK parents the most scientifically advanced Goat formula in the world.”

He continued: “As a brand with sustainability at our very core, we can reassure our loyal followers that Kendamil Goat is made without the use of palm oil and no fish oil. By sourcing from local British farms, Kendamil Goat formula offers the lowest carbon footprint in the UK market.”