Kerry Foods launches new range: Naked Glory

Kerry Foods, an expert in chilled food, has announced the launch of Naked Glory; its tantalising new range of Meat-Free products, designed to entice meat-eaters to betray beef and play away from pork. The new product range is set to bring a much-needed shake-up to the Meat-Free category and highlights Kerry Foods’ continued commitment to catering to needs of consumers as more of us look to moderate meat consumption and ‘Cheat on Meat’.

With decades of expertise and experience, Kerry Foods has put its extensive knowledge of the meat industry into creating Meat-Free alternatives that don’t compromise on high quality, meaty taste and succulent texture. Naked Glory has taken Meat-Free protein to a whole new level, marinating, seasoning, smoking and sizzling, to create products whose aroma, taste and texture will bring some much-needed excitement to the world of Meat-Free. Made up of Quarter Pounders, Sausages, ‘No Meat Balls’ and Mince, the range offers an array of Meat-Free alternatives that can easily be swapped into favourite meals in place of meat – tempting the nation’s carnivores into a Meat-Free fling.

The Meat-Free market is booming in the UK, with sales of meat alternatives having grown 19% year on year. Interestingly, 92% of these plant-based meals are eaten by non-vegans – a trend that has been recognised by Kerry Foods. Naked Glory is for the food lovers who no longer want an exclusive relationship with meat but want to enjoy all of meat’s sizzle and succulent flavour, with fewer strings attached. With a tempting taste and meat-like texture, Naked Glory promises to be a hit with consumers and a must-stock for retailers.

Naked Glory’s own research found that current products in the Meat-Free category are not delivering on the taste and texture desired by consumers. As a result, the brand worked tirelessly to deliver on these key areas throughout the new range, which brings together irresistible tastes and meaty textures with a goal of creating the meatiest products on the market since meat! To effectively mimic the taste and texture of meat, the new range was created by an experienced team of ‘meat mixologists’ at Kerry Foods.

As an expert in the chilled market, Kerry Foods has the knowledge and insights to help customers unlock the huge opportunity within the Meat-Free category and as such, its dedicated sales team will be on hand to support retailers during the launch. As an exciting new brand disrupting the Meat-Free category, Naked Glory seeks to encourage the nation’s meat-lovers to ‘Cheat on Meat’, and its research has shown the optimal way to achieve this is to place the range alongside other meat offerings – targeting those who may be wishing to moderate their meat consumption and helping to bring new shoppers into the category.

David Hamilton, chief innovation officer, Kerry Group, says: “We are really excited to be bringing Naked Glory to market and adding some much-needed sizzle to the Meat-Free category. The target from the start was always: ‘looks like meat, tastes like meat, in fact it needed to be the meatiest thing since meat!’ Harnessing our global capability and knowledge, our meat mixologists linked Food Craft and Science to create meaty ooziness, full on taste and a true meaty texture in all our products.

“We’ve taken our time as product delivery was paramount and are confident the brand will be a hit with everyone – regardless of their dietary preferences. With a range of quarter pounders, sausages, mince and more, we have a full spectrum of Meat-Free alternatives that can be enjoyed by those looking to reduce their meat consumption but still want delicious taste at mealtimes. This is a really exciting and dynamic space and our meat mixologists are continuing to conjure up thrilling new ideas. With that said, our core aim at the moment is to ensure that we’re offering our customers and consumers alike ‘the meatiest thing since meat!’ and that the new range hits the spot with food lovers up and down the country – whether they’re vegetarian, vegan or meat-eaters.”

Kerry Foods will be supporting the Naked Glory launch with a £2.5m investment in digital, social, out of home and shopper marketing that will be activating this month and run throughout 2020.

The Naked Glory range is made from rehydrated soya in order to gain a meat-like texture. The range is registered with The Vegan Society and as such Kerry Foods has created a new purpose-built and fully segregated production site for the Naked Glory range to maintain the highest standards of protection and quality.

The Naked Glory No Meat Balls (£2.75), Naked Glory Sausages, 6 pack (£2.75), Naked Glory Quarter Pounders 2 pack (£2.75) and Naked Glory Mince (£2.75) will start seducing consumers nationwide later this month.