Keto snack brand, Fatt, has bold rebrand

Fatt (, the UK’s original Keto snack brand, has undertaken a bold rebrand and is extending its distributionas part of its strategy to become the market leader in the exploding Keto category. This is a market that is growing at an accelerated rate and is predicted to be worth $14.75 billion globally by 2027.

Securing a large share of this category is central to Fatt’s wider mission to keep Keto clean, healthy, accessible and convenient. It produces delicious and all-natural, low carb and low sugar Keto products and it is the only Keto brand on the market that is entirely sweetener-free.

The brand found success under its previous name: FattBar, in which it was the best-selling Keto bar brand on Amazon. The repositioning will increase the impact of the brand on consumers and retailers, enabling the business to grow its market share, capture new customers and increase its distribution.

The process will start with Fatt’s launch into Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic, which are stocking the Fatt Ketogenic Almond & Vanilla Cookie and the Fatt Ketogenic Nut Bar range: Apple & Cinnamon, Coconut & Macadamia, Coffee & Walnut, Raspberry & Almond and Caramel & Sea Salt SKUs respectively. Consumers will also be able to purchase the portfolio of products through the Fatt website and Amazon.

The rebrand encompasses everything from Fatt’s packaging to its website, social media identity and brand personality. The dynamic and modern redesign delivers a stronger on-shelf presence and encapsulates the benefits of a Keto lifestyle: increased energy, mental sharpness and an uplifted feeling.

The Fatt range currently includes Bars and Cookies and has been created to feed the brain and body. Most products in the range are less than 2g of carbs (sugar) per portion and all are high in good fats and inulin, a prebiotic fibre. The range is free from palm oil, gluten and GMO ingredients. Nearly all products are suitable for vegans and all are optimised for convenience. They can be eaten at-home or on-the-go so individuals can keep in Keto when they don’t have time to cook or plan.

Fatt founder Hannah Sutter Says: “Fatt is on a mission to make Keto clean, clear and convenient so that as many individuals as possible can experience the benefits of a keto lifestyle. Our bold new rebrand and growing distribution will enable us to meet this objective and reach our goal of becoming the market leader in the keto category, which is exploding in size.

“The Fatt rebrand is bold and disruptive and has been designed to have a stronger on-shelf presence and to debunk the multitude of confusing diet myths, while clearly communicating the products’ functional and nutritional benefits. These developments will engage more consumers than ever before, whether they are committed Ketoists, Keto-curious or just following a low-carb diet to harness the associated health and wellbeing benefits.”