Key insights on crypto lending websites


Cryptocurrency can be an excellent investment that offers investors the chance to make a profit from any increases in its price when they sell the coins at a higher price than they bought them for. Digital currencies also have another benefit. They can be deposited in interest-earning accounts allowing HODLers to increase their holdings through interest payouts because crypto lending websites and platforms lend the coins on to borrowers. Investors may also use their coins as collateral to secure loans and use the money in other ventures while retaining ownership of their assets.

How crypto lending works

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new phenomenon but crypto lending is akin to conventional loans. Borrowers can borrow bitcoins instantly from crypto lending platforms like YouHodler after pledging their digital coins to the lender as collateral. The best thing is that the Bitcoin loan site can offer the borrower cash (fiat currency) like USD or EUR, or even stablecoins such as USDC and others which have a value pegged to a traditional currency like the USD.

To get a Bitcoin loan instantly from YouHodler, you start by opening a YouHodler account. After that, you transfer your digital assets to your wallet with the digital lender. The Bitcoin loan site works like a crypto exchange, e.g., Binance. You can borrow BTC instantly by selecting an interest rate you find acceptable and the coin you want to pledge as collateral. After completing the account creation, identity verification, and application processes, you will start receiving loan offers within hours of submitting your loan request. After you accept an offer, you get an instant BTC loan.

Reasons to use crypto lending websites

While it is individuals or institutional investors that lend crypto loans in a real sense, crypto lending websites act as intermediaries to link the borrower and the lender. Importantly, crypto loan providers like YouHodler ensure the security of the lenders’ assets because they lend loans secured by digital coins as collateral. The loans given are less than the value of the security. For example, YouHodler can offer you a loan of up to 90% of the value of your security. Other crypto lending websites only offer 50% of the value of the pledged asset. YouHodler and other crypto lending websites offer lenders peace of mind by ensuring that the amount lent out can be recovered from the borrower’s assets even if the borrower defaults on their loans.

Benefits of getting crypto loans to borrowers

The lenders get interest from lending their funds through crypto lending sites and enjoy peace of mind because their assets are protected. Borrowers also get some benefits from crypto loans:

  • Quick funding — when you follow the required steps, you get your Bitcoin loan instantly, offering you the liquidity you need to invest or meet other needs.
  • Retaining ownership of digital assets — you get the funds you need without having to sell your digital assets so you stand to gain from future price increases.
  • No credit checks — unlike conventional loans, you can still get a crypto loan if you have a poor credit score.
  • Low-interest rates — due to the requirement for collateral, crypto loans may be cheaper than unsecured loans so investors with coins that they do not intend to use or trade in the near future could choose this route.


Crypto lending websites enable lending and borrowing of crypto loans helping lenders earn interest and borrowers get the liquidity they need. You should use only reputable crypto loan sites such as YouHodler to ensure your security and have the best experience for your crypto dealings.