Kiddylicious aims to shake up rice cake market with mini version for kids


Kiddylicious is shaking up the bland first rice cakes category by launching the first rice cakes to be made with a hint of chocolate and yogurt splashed on the top. Especially created for young children, the mini rice cakes are claimed to be delicious and nutritious – a perfect win:win.

A significantly healthier option to biscuits or chocolate buttons, the new snack is made from wholegrain rice and lightlysplashed with Belgian chocolate or yoghurt. The rice cakes are packed with nutritional benefits; made with protein-rich wholegrain brown rice bursting with fibre, they have a low GI which reduce sugar rushes. Per bag, the rice cakes are lower in sugar and calories than similar products. They have have no added salt, are gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and absolutely no artificial flavours or preservatives.

As always from Kiddylicious, the mini rice cakes are packed in snack-sized portion bags, helping mums give their little ones just enough to refuel them, but not too much, and in appealing packaging to make snacking fun. The splashed rice cakes ideal finger food and easy for little hands to hold. When mums want to choose a healthier snack, the yummy splashed rice cakes will give their little-ones’ an energy top-up between meals.

Sally Preston comments: “Snacking plays such a positive part in a little-ones’ development, helping to shape a healthy attitude towards food and eating in the future. Snacks are a ‘power booster’ to get young children to the next meal. The role of infant snacks needs to be understood – they should fill little tummies but not so much that they won’t eat their next nutrient rich meal. Our new innovative rice cakes are delicious and nutritious, created especially for toddlers.”