KINDER transforms its brand experience into ice cream creations


KINDER fans’ dreams come true as the brand launches two new ice cream ranges in the UK.

The new creations contain distinctive ingredients to enjoy the unique KINDER product experience. An offer dedicated to families; great taste, small portions and complying with Unilever’s “Responsibly Made for Kids” guidelines; as well as a KINDER Bueno Ice Cream for a wider consumer audience.

KINDER Ice Cream Stick

Lovers of the popular KINDER products can now enjoy the unique KINDER experience. The KINDER Ice Cream Stick combines milk ice cream with fresh whole milk, covered with milk chocolate. The KINDER Ice Cream Stick is available individually as well as in a 10-piece multipack.

KINDER Ice Cream Sandwich

Like all KINDER products, the KINDER Ice Cream Sandwich relies on good ingredients. Creamy milk ice cream with 40 percent fresh whole milk layered between two delicious cookies made of five different cereals. KINDER Ice Cream Sandwich comes individually and in an 6-piece multipack for the whole family.

KINDER Bueno Ice Cream Cone

The famous KINDER Bueno refined hazelnut bar is now available as a cone. Unique hazelnut milk ice cream meets a core of milk chocolate sauce, embedded in a crunchy cone, topped with a thin layer of hazelnut cream made of Ferrero hazelnuts and topped with chocolate bits. The KINDER Bueno Ice Cream Cone comes individually and in a practical 4-piece multipack.

KINDER Joy Ice Cream

The iconic egg-shaped KINDER Joy is now available in Ice Cream. It contains delicious milk and chocolate ice creams in a scooping cup with an exciting surprise for the summer! The KINDER Joy Ice Cream comes individually.

The new KINDER ice creams will be available now in ASDA and on Ocado. Single packs will be available exclusively OOH, while the multipacks will be offered only for the in-home market.