Kingfisher Group works with 2degrees to help embed ‘Net Positive’ sustainability approach


Kingfisher Group has appointed 2degrees, the global collaboration platform for sustainable business, to help drive the progress of its restorative Net Positive approach to business across its global operating companies.

Mainstreaming sustainability into the heart of the business is a key ambition for Kingfisher and it is now looking for smarter, more integrated and more collaborative ways to accelerate the implementation of Net Positive across its geographically diverse operating companies (B&Q, Screwfix, Castorama, Brico Dépôt and Koçtas) in 10 different countries.

Using the 2degrees online collaboration platform and expert community management skills, 2degrees will work with Kingfisher to leverage the diversity of knowledge and experience which exists across their businesses.  By developing the Group’s capability to connect and work collaboratively  together. Kingfisher hopes the platform will accelerate progress particularly around timber, energy, innovation and community where the retail Group has aspirations to become restorative by 2050.

The program will be run on the Kingfisher Exchange, a private online hub developed by 2degrees for Kingfisher staff, and builds on the success of an existing 2degrees program, launched in 2012, to embed sustainability best practice across Kingfisher’s property estate.

The exchange is actively managed by 2degrees community managers, who work closely with Kingfisher staff to ensure that the program supports effective collaboration across different operational elements, saves time and resources, and provides practical solutions to sustainability challenges.

Richard Gillies, group sustainability director at Kingfisher, said: “There’s no silver bullet for the type of transformational change that is necessary to our becoming a restorative business. We’re asking our colleagues to worry about things they’ve never had to worry about before and so we have an ever-increasing group of people looking for answers to the sustainability questions they are being set.

“Collaborative technologies have the potential to accelerate change by enabling ease of access to information and the sharing of best practice.  It’s not the only tool you need and it can’t just be an information dumping ground, which is what we love about 2Degrees – they ensure content is interesting, relevant and easy to locate but more importantly they work actively with those throughout our business to entice them onto the platform and then into the conversation.  Engagement is a fundamental first step in our transformation business journey to becoming Net Positive. ”

Martin Chilcott, CEO of 2degrees, said: “We are delighted to be working with the world’s third largest home retail group and  bringing together their culturally and geographically diverse companies through the 2Degrees community to accelerate the implementation of Kingfisher’s journey towards sustainable and restorative business.  As well as the environmental benefits that can be made through efficient and effective collaboration, the costs savings and new revenue opportunities available for those pursuing sustainable business are substantial, and we are looking forward to helping Kingfisher realize these.”