Kingsmill bolsters 50/50 range with toasting loaf

Kingsmill has launched a new toasting loaf as part of its family favourite 50/50 range: 50/50 King of Toast baked with 50/50 white and wholemeal flour. 

Available at Asda this January (RRP £1.15), Kingsmill 50/50 King of Toast is a first of its kind toasting loaf that is perfect for shoppers looking to enjoy delicious toast and still get their daily whole grain and a source of Vitamin D.

Unlike some toasting loaves on the market, King of Toast features slices developed to fit perfectly in the toaster, and give the ultimate balance of a soft centre and crunchy exterior when toasting.

Kingsmill 50/50 King of Toast uses a special blend of flours and the recipe includes semolina, a key ingredient which helps the bread stay crisp on the outside while retaining its body to give a soft and ‘pillowy’ middle. The result is the ultimate toasting texture.

The launch bolsters the Kingsmill 50/50 range which is experiencing 9.8% annual growth and today is purchased by around 7.2 million UK households.  

Toasting loaves are also on the rise, increasing at a 6.3% annual growth rate in 2021, compared to only 1.9% in 2019. With over half of consumers buying bread to eat as toast, King of Toast is set to help reenergise the bread category and drive further growth.

Commenting on the launch, Emma Eggleton, head of brand at Kingsmill, said: “We’ve developed Kingsmill 50/50 King of Toast to bring whole grain to all those toast lovers out there, who are seeking healthier alternatives to plain white bread.  

“Driven by demand for easy swaps that don’t sacrifice on their favourite flavours and formats, 50/50 King of Toast expands consumer choice with a toastie loaf with whole grain and two slices provide a source of vitamin D.  

“Toast is arguably one of the greatest simple pleasures in life, and with Kingsmill 50/50 King of Toast you really can have your cake (or toast) and eat it. Finally, a toasting loaf with slices that fit perfectly into the toaster and deliver the ultimate toasting texture. 

“With more morning meals being consumed from home due to the increase in remote working, we want to offer a solution for families who fancy a perfect slice of toast, without having to default to white bread. 50/50 King of Toast is that solution.” 

The new toasting loaf bolsters the existing Kingsmill 50/50 range, which includes Kingsmill 50/50, Kingsmill 50/50 Vitamin Boost and Kingsmill 50/50 Multi-Seed. 

The investment in product innovation is part of Kingsmill’s Slice of Kindness commitment to do right by the nation’s health, local communities and the planet. 

Recent milestones include a new partnership with Save The Children to help tackle child poverty in the UK and the introduction of recycled content into Kingsmill 50/50 No Crusts bread bags last September as part of a nationwide trial.