Kite Packaging has top tips on preparing your packaging for peak

Shredded paper, ZigZag version, reduces the chance of damages

Supply chain pressures combined with the overarching volatility within commerce currently has created an almost desperate attitude toward preparing for peak. The unconventional Christmas of 2020 only compounds this. Hopes are high and businesses naturally want to meet the demand by taking on the maximum amount of orders. Sourcing reliable and sustainable packaging supplies is essential to survive and, what’s more, thrive this festive period. Kite Packaging has released a range of eco-friendly gift-wrapping options in plenty of time to truly excel, creating memorable unboxing experiences to secure repeat sales in following years. 

The colourful shredded packaging available on Kite’s e-commerce site is the ideal tool to express your brand’s attention to detail and overall quality service. Choose from paper or tissue depending on the weight of your product before selecting the hues which best complement your brand or, indeed, the season. Combining luxury and extravagance with optimal sustainability, each variety is reusable and recyclable with the tissue paper boasting domestic compostability. These qualities keep your company’s green credentials intact without compromising on the premium gift packaging required to compete with the best. 

Colourful shredded packaging (straight version) helps brands express attention to detail and quality of service

Another integral element of Kite Packaging’s products is the ability to reliably protect the items being packaged. The shredded paper, available in both ZigZag and straight cut versions act as durable void fill, the narrow shreds working their way into every crevice to prevent movement within the box. This reduces the chance of damages in addition to holding items in the same position they were packaged in for prime presentation. For these reasons, shredded paper and tissue are popular choices for hampers, though they lend themselves equally well to any businesses looking to add extra panache to stand out in the market while protecting their produce.

The expectation of accelerated business also puts focus onto packing efficiency; aesthetic touches have proven benefits, but priorities must ultimately lie with order fulfilment. Kite ensures that their gift wrapping products closely align with this philosophy, as demonstrated well by their tissue paper rolls. In contrast to the sheets also available for purchase, these recyclable and biodegradable papers are manually dispensed from a convenient holder to maximise output. Only use as much material as is required, strategically reducing costs, and retrieve the product quickly with the intuitive pull and tear operation. The result is rapid packing that still delivers an attractive personal touch suitable for the festive season and beyond.

To cope with supply chain uncertainties without losing business, it may be more important than ever to hold a greater level of stock in-house. As such, sourcing space saving solutions is paramount. Kite’s shredded paper arrives densely packed for prime protection and maximum space conservation while the postal boxes always feature a slim flat-packed arrival. Through being experts at managing their own warehouse, the employee share-owned company is keenly aware of the problems facing business owners; for this reason, their products must comply to their high standards of compact storage. The ecommerce boxes are tailored specifically for the high pressure environments arising during peak period by demonstrating space conservation, almost instantaneous assembly thanks to the crash lock base, excellent strength and great presentation potential.

The outer packaging is the first thing a customer sees. Therefore, it is vital that it withstands the wear and tear of the postal journey to arrive in pristine condition and act as a positive first impression. The postal boxes, available in both brown and white, ecommerce boxes and pillow boxes meet these standards comfortably. For smaller orders, Kite offer a range of padded envelopes including a highly protective and presentable metallic gloss bubble liner that is practically made for delivering Christmas gifts. Completed with a quick and easy to use self-seal strip, these mailers are designed to happily withstand the knocks and bumps common during transit with the smooth foil interior preventing scratches to the contents.

Regardless of whether your business specifically exists in the gift and retail sector or not, now is the time to commence preparations for upcoming peak. Predictions for 2021 consumer behaviour are rife with optimism for larger spends and less trepidation surrounding the pandemic which is believed to have curbed orders in 2020. Yet, these hopes are counter-balanced with supply chain concerns with indefinite delay timelines. Let packaging be one thing you don’t need to worry about by staying one step ahead and stocking the top seasonal items now. Astute warehouse or stock room management paired with a healthy supply of professional packaging products will ensure that your company sees the merry Christmas that it deserves.