Kooomo announces platform updates to simplify merchant tasks, boost security and diversify payment options


Global e-commerce platform, Kooomo has today announced further updates to its platform, bolstering security to block attacking bots and cybercrime IP addresses, as well as simplifying everyday tasks for merchants such as barcode searching and calculating payment fees.

Ciaran Bollard, CEO, Kooomo, says: “We’re on a mission to simplify eCommerce for merchants as much as possible so that they can focus on what’s important – providing exceptional customer service and selling their products. Our latest updates validate this mantra, making life easier for both merchant and the end customer, while further protecting them too.”

Kooomo outlines its latest updates:

  • Bruteforce Recaptcha

Bruteforce Recaptcha has been introduced on the Kooomo platform to block attacking bots that scan websites for vulnerabilities, providing robust protection for clients. The tools used for this are intended to maintain the user experience as genuine customers can be identified as such and therefore, only bots will ever be challenged. Search engines such as Google will also be added to the “allow list” and won’t be affected by this protection. No configuration is required by the merchant, and Kooomo is automating rolling this out across all clients to ensure their security.

  • Search by barcode (for merchants)

Kooomo has now made it possible to search for a product by barcode number in the sales order panel. Merchants can simply key in the barcode and search, revealing all products related to this barcode. This will save time for merchants by minimising the probability of mistakes being made within orders.

  • Duplicate customer orders

Merchants now can duplicate an existing order from another customer in the admin panel. They need only search by the email address attached to the order in the back end, select the desired order, ensure the quantities are right and proceed to “create an order from this one”. This will be particularly helpful for B2B merchants but can be rolled out across B2C clients also.

  • Manage payments – calculating payment fees

Now you can configure payment fees for every payment method available on Kooomo. This can be done as a set amount or percentage in the backend and will appear to the customer on the front end upon checking out. It’s important to note that this is an optional feature as payment method charges are not a requirement across all clients.

  • Cybercrime blocking feeds

There are certain feeds that are solicited by known cybercrime IP addresses – Kooomo has installed this list into its firewall, which is updated hourly so that it and its clients are protected against cybercrime.

  • SIA Payments

SIA Payments is the latest payment method to be activated on the Kooomo platform. Unlike our other payment methods, this is a hosted payment page, meaning the user is redirected to an external page to complete the transaction. From Kooomo, the status of the payment is read and changed to the status of the order accordingly. SIA is a European leader in the design, creation and management of technology infrastructures and services for Financial Institutions, Central Banks, Corporates and the Public Sector, in the areas of payments, cards, network services and capital markets.