LABS and Old Spike announce new partnership


Shared workspace brand LABS has announced a partnership with Old Spike Roastery to introduce a bespoke blend of responsibly sourced coffee to its properties across London.

Old Spike was set up in 2015 in a small cafe in Peckham, with the aim of providing more than just delicious tasting coffee. The founders of this social enterprise wanted to make a difference to the homeless community. They employ homeless people directly, providing training and jobs to those that need them most.

The coffee is roasted exclusively for LABS members within just a few miles of their London based offices at Old Spike Roastery in Peckham Rye.

  • Old Spike coffee will be placed in a total of 32 self-service machines in all break out spaces and kitchen areas throughout LABS London buildings from the 10th of June.
  • LABS members drink their way through over a tonne of coffee per month – that’s an average of 76 cups per person!
  • All the self-service machines take whole fresh roasted beans.

When businesses choose to stock Old Spike and customers try a coffee, they are choosing to contribute in some way to the end of homelessness in the UK, LABS are carefully selecting suppliers across all of their locations based on the positive impact they have on society and the environment.

By creating an exclusive coffee blend with Old Spike, LABS hopes to encourage social entrepreneurship to its members. After months of taste testing, LABS selected an extremely high quality Brazilian coffee – available as espresso, filter and decaf varieties with the intention of appealing to LABS’ wide membership base.  

Developed in collaboration with the Old Spike Roastery, LABS fresh roasted single origin coffee will be rolled out across all of LABS office spaces, meeting rooms and kitchenettes throughout 2019.  

The coffee is grown and produced via sustainable means at family run Bela Vista farm near the city Espirito Santo de Pinhal in the Mogiana region of Brazil, which LABS and Old Spike are proud to support.

Due to the quality of the coffee, LABS and Old Spike decided to keep this as a single origin bean to really accentuate the chocolate, almond and sugar cane molasses tasting notes that the coffee presents.

The partnership with Old Spike follows a relationship forged with social enterprise iRecycle in January earlier this year to transport Camden Market’s waste using barges on the Grand Union Canal leading to over 17.5 tonnes of food and cardboard waste being recycled per week.

LABS also supports the TooGoodToGo initiative, which fights food waste, by offering their members ‘Magic Bags’ of unsold produce. This sustainable enterprise has reduced food waste in Holborn to virtually nothing, in the process serendipitously generating thousands of pounds in revenue in a matter of months.