Lady Gaga is top on social networks, finds new music chart

Lady Gaga is the most popular musician online, according to a new Music Chart, which ranks music stars based on their social media popularity.

The rankings from London-based social media metrics company, Famecount, reveal Lady Gaga has a following of 8.9m Facebook fans, 4.6m Twitter followers and 307,410 YouTube subscribers.

The new chart follows Famecount’s study, which ranks the top global consumer brands, based on their social media popularity,

Top 10 global music stars

Lady Gaga’s combined fanbase across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube makes her not only the world’s most popular music star, but also the most followed global social media entity across any genre, including consumer brands. The 24-year old has seen her online popularity surge in recent weeks, and overtook Barack Obama as the world’s most popular social media figure at the end of June.

The latest queen of pop is followed by Britney Spears – currently the world’s top Twitterer with over 5.2m followers. Taylor Swift is ranked third, followed by the only non-living musician to make it into the top 10, Michael Jackson, thanks in large part to being the world’s most popular musician on Facebook with over 13.2m fans.

Top of the online pops:

Lady Gaga

Britney Spears

Taylor Swift

Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber

Ashley Tisdale


Katy Perry

John Mayer

Jonas Brothers