‘Laila Celebration’ launching this Diwali

Top three UK rice brand Laila is launching a brand new range of celebratory lines this month under the banner Laila Celebration.

The brand new Laila Celebration range features a selection of products aimed at key festivals including Diwali and Eid, as well as popular lines for year round celebratory occasions. 

The launch is being supported by a major campaign, titled Laila Gold Rush, giving customers the chance to win a 24 carat gold coin every day in the build up to Diwali.

The indulgent Laila Celebration range includes luxury chocolate gift boxes, cookie tins, authentic nut selections and celebratory party food snack packs – all featuring lavish gold-effect packaging. Diwali exclusives in this year’s line up include chocolate coins and the popular Indian sweet soan papdi.

Launching this October, the range will span multi channel (Extra/Online/Superstore) with various lines from the range achieving listings with Tesco, Co-op and Asda, as well as hundreds of independents.

The brand is working with creative promotions marketing agency Lock-in Marketing to deliver the campaign.

Diwali, also known as the ‘Festival of Light’, is beginning to reach a much wider audience in the UK, increasingly celebrated in schools, restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses. Its growing presence reflects a receptive and open minded UK audience, keen to celebrate diversity.

Last week, the UK Royal Mint released a gold bar of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi for sale ahead of Diwali – reflecting the expansion of diverse cultural celebrations in the UK. 

This year, as more major supermarkets increase the Indian festivals in-store presence, the Laila brand is proud to launch some Diwali favourites.

Dating back to ancient times, Diwali or Deepavali, Sanskrit for ‘Festival of Light’, is celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world and is marked by beautiful displays of candles and lights in the home. 

Thanks to the lights, fireworks and sweets involved, the ‘Festival of Light’ is always a big hit with children and is considered a huge retail opportunity yet to be fully explored in the UK.

This year Laila is preparing striking Diwali displays, which will feature across independent retail, to bring the festival to more people’s attention and foster greater awareness.

Speaking about the new range Surya Foods Managing Director Harry Dulai said: “Diwali is very much the South Asian Christmas. It is a time to dress in your finest clothes, spend time with family, cook feasts, exchange gifts and fill the home with light. With its own wonderful history and stories it is a great way to explore South Asian culture. We are delighted to be part of a move aimed at raising awareness of this important festival to bring it to the attention of more people across the UK.”

He added: “Trying new and exciting foods has universal appeal and naturally results in a greater understanding of other cultures. We hope this range will inspire more people to try some popular South Asian-inspired treats this Diwali.”

Diwali is one of a handful of Indian religious festivals beginning to enjoy wider appeal in the UK. Holi, also known as the ‘Festival of Colour’, is another Hindu tradition that is increasingly attracting audiences of all faiths with Holi events taking place at parks across the country.

The brand new Laila Celebration range includes: Laila Celebration Bhel Puri Kit; Laila Celebration Pan Puri Kit; Laila Celebration Royal Choco Biscuits; Laila Celebration Cookies; Laila Celebration Dry Fruits & Nuts Gift Box and Laila Celebration Soan Papdi. Further Laila products will also feature in the Laila Gold Rush promotion including Laila Basmati Rice and Laila Gold Basmati Rice and a selection of other Laila products.