Laila launches ‘plant power’ campaign as it expands into lentils, beans and flours

UK rice brand Laila is expanding into lentils, beans and flours with the launch of 19 new skus.

The brand extension will see 19 new products added to the Laila range, all under the new ‘Laila Naturals’ brand. The range is packaged in line with the brand’s recent multi-million rebrand across its rice offering – which included the roll out of 100% recyclable packaging across its entire range of smaller bags. The 19 skus span chickpeas and kidney beans to semolina, polenta and rice flour. All feature fully recyclable packaging and are branded in line with Laila’s latest look and feel.

The ‘Laila Naturals’ range taps into wholefood and vegan trends as Surya Foods managing director Harry Dulai explains: “It’s increasingly supported by research that whole food, whole grain carbohydrates, lentils, beans and peas are among the best sources of protein and energy for optimum health. More and more consumers are focusing on adopting healthy eating habits and are mindful of how their preferred sources of protein impact the planet and their personal health with many now opting for plant-based protein.

“Laila Naturals is a range dedicated to bringing the best plant produce from around the world, rich in natural proteins, fibre, iron and vitamins, to UK consumer so they can enjoy nature’s power houses of protein and energy.

“We are continually looking for ways to evolve our brand for consumers who have come to know and trust the Laila brand – which is synonymous with quality, authenticity and great value – and this has been a natural brand extension.”

He added: “We are passionate about supplying authentic, tasty, natural world food and this range is perfect for customers who enjoy scratch cooking.”

Pulses include; Chickpeas, Red Spilt Lentils, Brown Lentils, Green Lentils, Chana Dal (Split Chickpea), Red Kidney Beans and Mung Beans. Meanwhile six flours have been introduced to the range including Laila Chapatti Flour; Cornmeal Polenta; Coarse and Fine, Semolina and Laila Ground Rice. Many of the products are staples of classic South Asian and Middle Eastern dishes.

Selected items from the Laila Naturals range have already hit the shelves of Morrisons and arrive in-store at Asda from early this month. The lines are also expected to do well at independent retail.

The Laila rice range features its top-selling classic basmati, together with an extensive line up of popular rice varieties from around the world including Jasmine; Golden Sella Basmati; Easy Cook; Tosyo; Baldo; Long Grain; Glutinous; Broken Basmati; Ponni and Sona Masoori.  Expanding rapidly in recent years the Laila brand now includes a complete range of flours, pulses, grains, ghee butter, pickles and curry pastes.

Surya Foods is one of the largest suppliers of authentic world foods to the UK food sector and the biggest supplier of world food lines into supermarket giants Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, with extensive independent retail accounts across the UK. The company’s leading, authentic Laila basmati features in the UK’s top three rice brands (2018 Nielsen data).

The full Laila brand is worth over £40m and continues to enjoy a leading presence at national and independent retail as well as being present in over 30 countries worldwide.

Laila Naturals Lentils, Beans and Flours are available in 500g and 2kg packs with RRP ranging from £0.99 to £3.49.