Lancashire Farm Dairies launches new yogurt range


One of Britain’s fastest growing grocery brands, Lancashire Farm Dairies, has launched its new range of yogurts as part of a major push to become Britain’s daily yogurt.

The new range, which includes natural yogurt, greek yogurt and flavoured yogurts amongst others, has been launched in all major retail outlets to offer a good value, quality alternative to the leading brands.

The Lancashire Farm Dairies range uses the best ingredients including milk directly from farms in Lancashire to create consistently good flavours.

The new range aims to disrupt the purchasing habits of yogurt consumers with an eye-catching new design and range of delicious flavours. The modern rebranded and repositioned range will look to increase market share in the competitive yogurt market for the grocery industry’s fastest growing dairy brand1.

Azhar Zouq, managing director at Lancashire Farm Dairies, said: “We have been creating yogurts for almost 30 years and our customers tell us that our products are part of their every day routine – we’re proud of that and we want to help make deliciously good yogurts available to more people every day.”

“We’ve relaunched our range to help appeal to a wider audience while still providing our loyal customer base with the quality they’ve come to expect. In the 52 weeks to January 2015 we saw a growth of 20% in volume across the four major retailers. This is something that we’re looking to improve on with the new range.”

Lancashire Farm Dairies has its roots in working with and understanding the customer needs of the local shopkeeper and is therefore ideally positioned to help retailers make the most of the opportunities offered by the rise in convenience shopping.

Priced at between 50p and £2 for pack sizes that range from 150g to 1kg the new range is available in all major retailers across the country from March 2015.