Landmann launches first barbecue with an air fryer

The Fryton has finally landed! Introducing the first ever barbecue with an air fryer by LANDMANN. 

Whether it’s a sunny Saturday affair or an impromptu midweek gathering, there’s something special about cooking outdoors.

And from hotdogs to skewers, we often stick to cooking what we know – but what if you were inspired to try something completely different on the BBQ?

Well, the inspiration you need is here, as LANDMANN launches the first ever gas barbecue with a built-in air fryer. 

The three-litre air fryer, with digital display, circulates hot air around food to create a crunchy, crispy exterior. The perfect addition to the BBQ, it allows you to grill, fry and cook outside – perfect for creating tasty BBQ sides such as garlic bread, jacket potatoes, cauliflower wings, chicken nuggets, and fries.

The Fryton comes with all the features you’d expect from LANDMANN, such as the 65 x 40cm Modulus Cooking System cast-iron grill, which helps food stick less, cook faster and distributes heat more evenly.

The new BBQ, which is perfect for groups of six or more people, features four 3kW burners with piezo ignition. There is also a 3.0kW stainless-steel adjustable side burner. Side burners are ideal for making smaller side dishes or sauces whilst grilling. They allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures without affecting the main grill.

Plus, it comes with a double walled lid and thermometer which helps to retain heat and an enamel coated steel warming rack, perfect for keeping food warm and letting meat rest. 

So, as the warmer weather arrives, enjoy something a little different – grill, fry and cook outside – whenever you fancy.  

RRP: £749.99.