Last mile logistics platform Stuart integrates with Metapack to enable retailers to offer same-day delivery from urban hubs


Last mile logistics platform Stuart integrates with global eCommerce delivery technology leader, Metapack to grow their same-day ship-from-hub delivery proposition. The partnership empowers retailers in both the UK and France to leverage Stuart’s same-day services from the platform’s new urban hubs.

Now live on Metapack’s global delivery management platform, Stuart’s newest service, Stuart Today, allows retailers to tap into Stuart’s hub network to speed up and optimise their delivery offerings for end customers. This partnership has been launched to tackle today’s fast evolving retail landscape, which has seen customers rely more and more on the online shopping experience.

“In today’s competitive retail climate, with more people shopping online than ever before, retailers need to ensure they’re able to satisfy consumer desire for fast and convenient delivery options,” said Tom Forbes, SVP Carriers at Metapack. “Recent Metapack research highlights that in the UK and France, around 50% of consumers have bought goods from one retailer over another, because they provided more delivery options. Working together with Stuart, we’re able to help retailers service the changing needs of consumers and provider greater delivery experiences.”

Tackling the challenges brought on by rising e-commerce demand

With retailers being hit with overwhelming demand from their eCommerce channels, Stuart’s solution aims to support them both by allowing for a fast and precise delivery to their end-customers in urban areas, as well as by helping them manage excess eCommerce volumes. In May, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that the proportion spent online by consumers soared to 33.4%, the highest proportion on record. Thanks to Stuart and Metapack the new and existing challenges faced by the retail industry can be tackled through sophisticated technology and access to a large network of carriers.

Introducing fast and flexible, same-day deliveries  

Stuart’s urban hub delivery solution helps retailers distribute their goods from centrally located urban micro fulfilment centres. These centres are currently located in London and Paris, with further urban expansion on the horizon. Being in close proximity to the end consumer means orders can be delivered in under 24 hours and meet consumers’ growing expectations around fulfilment times. With 28% of consumers prioritising the speed of shipment and over 40% willing to pay for same-day delivery, the need for a same-day offering is an important differentiator for retailers in the current landscape.

Stuart’s urban hub solution – Stuart Today – enables retailers to fulfil deliveries same-day, and to so in a sustainable manner.

Enhancing the end-customer’s journey with a seamless end-to-end experience

Consumers shopping on an eCommerce website that offers Stuart’s services will be able to select fast and flexible same-day delivery options at checkout, enhancing the customers’ retail experience.

For retailers, utilising Stuart’s urban hub model through Metapack’s easy-to-use platform can help them drive sales volumes by offering consumers a cutting-edge service, whilst also leveraging the urban warehouse model for in-store stock replenishment. As well as having precise afternoon and evening delivery slots, Stuart Today allows for both the retailer and end-customer to track parcels all the way to their chosen address.

David Saenz, COO at Stuart, said: “By empowering retailers with same-day delivery, we’re able to help them wow their end-customers with new, exciting delivery options. In the current landscape, fast and accurate delivery is more important than ever. Moreover, with 60% of consumers selecting retailers based on their delivery options at check out, we are excited to be working alongside Metapack to enable businesses to stand out from the crowd.