Lavazza launches professional coffee subscription service for small and medium offices, Lavazza Blue


Celebrated Italian coffee brand, Lavazza, is launching its first coffee subscription service for Lavazza’s professional capsule system, Lavazza Blue, dedicated to bringing a premium coffee solution that can add an authentic coffee shop experience to your workday. Ideal for small and medium sized offices and compatible with both the Classy Mini & Classy Custom Milk, the Lavazza Blue subscription service ensures office managers can supply employees with consistent quality and variety of flavour every time.

Classy Mini & MilkEasy

The Lavazza Classy Mini & MilkEasy is the ideal solution for smaller office spaces. The machine creates quality espressos, and paired with the MilkEasy frother, it is perfect for creating milk-based coffee recipes, such as cappuccino and latte.  Better still, with Lavazza’s new subscription service, consumers can purchase the machine for just £1 with a minimum order of 200 capsules (followed by a further six recurring deliveries for a minimum of 200 capsules each). For those who prefer to buy in bulk, Lavazza will provide a free Classy Mini and MilkEasy frother with a minimum order of 600 capsules.

Perfect for workplaces with varied numbers of staff, office managers can choose the frequency and quantity of the capsules delivered. And with every subscription service sign up, Lavazza is offering a free welcome gift, including cups and saucers, a capsule holder and a machine docking station, to help create the ultimate coffee break area. Lavazza is also offering free delivery for all customers.

Classy Custom Milk

Launched in September 2020, the Classy Custom Milk is an innovative yet cost effective solution for medium offices. With eight coffee recipes ready to brew and an innovative fresh milk system, the Classy Custom Milk can create coffee shop favourites with ease, even with plant-based milk beverages, such as soy milk cappuccinos or oat milk latte. Recipes can be tailored to user needs and consumption preferences for a truly customisable experience. Moreover, the Classy Custom Milk includes an innovative temperature boost setting for those who prefer a hotter beverage, and a foam boost button for those wishing to customise the amount of foam on their coffee. The Classy Custom Milk subscription comes with all the same welcome benefits as the Classy Mini, and only requires an initial order followed by eight recurring subscription orders to complete the offer. Businesses are also able to purchase the capsules in bulk (minimum 800 capsules) to receive both the Classy Custom Milk, capsules and delivery free of charge.

David Rogers, managing director at Lavazza UK, said: “Following the success of the at home subscription service for consumers, we are delighted to be launching this innovative solution that provides UK offices with coffee shop quality at a competitive price. Lavazza Blue is a stand-out professional capsule system, which we’ve shaped over time to bring the ultimate Italian coffee break to any workplace.”

The Lavazza Blue capsule range has been developed with 3 tasting areas in mind: Aromatic, Balanced and Intense. The system not only brews coffee but also serves a full range of delicious hot beverages including lemon tea and smooth hot chocolate, ensuring office managers can cater to the tastes of all employees. For those who already have a Lavazza Blue capsule machine in their office, capsule-only subscriptions (with a minimum purchase of 200 capsules per order) are available with 20% off on the Lavazza website.

The innovative Lavazza Blue system was born in 2004, as a result of more than one hundred years of Lavazza’s passion for espresso to produce a smooth, aromatic, perfect coffee, even at work. Over the years the range has been extended to cover a wide range of coffees and hot drinks and is present in almost 100 countries worldwide.