Lavender Hill Clothing chooses Virtual Landline to divert calls straight to mobile


Lavender Hill Clothing, a luxury woman’s clothing company based in Fulham, London, has chosen Virtual Landline, a specialist cloud-based UK telephone number provider, to supply a virtual landline number that will automatically divert calls straight to a mobile number, creating flexibility and saving costs.

The Virtual Landline service provides the user with a cloud-based telephone number with flexible call diversion, which according to Isobel Ridley, director, Lavender Hill Clothing, was a main driver for choosing the service. “Initially I didn’t have an office, so customer calls were coming through to my personal landline number, which wasn’t productive as I often spend time visiting the factory and so would risk missing calls. By using Virtual Landline, I can ensure calls are answered efficiently and professionally regardless of my location.”

When it came to choosing a provider for the virtual phone number, Ridley states that Virtual Landline was the most cost effective option. “I did some online research around different providers, and it became very clear that Virtual Landline offered both a cost effective and reliable service, which was exactly what I required.”

Ridley said: “Having previously received business calls via my personal landline, I can really notice the difference Virtual Landline has made to the flexibility and professionalism of service that I can now offer. I no longer need to worry about missing calls when out of the office, which has had a positive effect in terms of customer service and the overall efficiency of the business.”