Very Lazy announces rebrand and squeezy paste extension


Very Lazy, market leader in wet herbs and spices with a 39% share, has extended its range of squeezy pastes. Known for its number one selling chopped garlic SKU, the brand positions itself as the perfect kitchen shortcut for everyday cooking.

Extended squeezy range

The redeveloped paste range offers consumers a convenient alternative to fresh, without compromising on quality. Consisting of ginger, lemongrass and garlic, as well as a new chilli variant, the new and improved pastes are fresh tasting, made with natural ingredients and designed to add flavour to a range of dishes. The convenient tube format makes these paste functional and easy to use, with minimal fuss or mess.

Within the rebrand, Very Lazy has updated its logo, with a new contemporary and eye-catching look, to highlight the simplicity of the products and ensure improved stand out on shelf. The eye catching new design, which features a bold and punchy font with brightly coloured graphics of the ingredients have been designed to appeal to a wider audience with a modern look and feel.

In addition to the new paste on offer, Very Lazy’s range of pre-chopped and ready-to-use essentials has an updated recipe deck with less chilli seeds, less vinegar, finer chopping and even more flavour, enhancing the quality of these products and making them even easier to use in everyday cooking.

Emma Freeman, brand manager at Very Lazy, comments: “Building on the brand’s proven success, we are excited to launch the new paste, expanding the already popular product range with a clean new look. With strong in-store stand out, the range offers added convenience for both customers and consumers, which is a key focus for the brand. It is important to us to continue to give consumers innovative products, whilst we retain our position as market leaders.”